Prices, Expiration Dates and Discount Rates

Only one discount per registration. To obtain discount codes contact info (at) Each person must be registered separately in order to receive his or her personalized name badge.

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Package Price Expires 11/30/09 Price Expires 1/8/10 Price Expires 3/31/10 Price Expires 6/30/10 Regular Price
3 days $699 $749 $849 $949 $1049
4 days $849 $899 $999 $1049 $1149
Saturday only $249 $299 $349 $399 $449
Guest Package $220 $220 $220 $220 $220


If you would like to obtain a discount, contact info (at)

Available Discounts

Registration Policies


All registered attendees will receive an e-mail confirmation upon registration. If you do not receive a confirmation within 3 days, or if you have any questions related to your registration, please send email, registration (at), to verify your registration status. Attendees will receive a receipt in the mail within 12 business days.

Payment Methods

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover for your registration payment. Invoices will only be issued to group registrations of 2 or more attendees, and payment must be received within 10 business days of registration. If you are taking advantage of Early Bird pricing, invoices that are not paid within the 10 day period will revert to the higher registration prices. Please address all questions about this policy to registration (at)

Registration Transfer

Registrations are transferable at any time up until 5 business days before the Conference. To transfer your registration, simply email registration (at) and supply the name and email address of the new attendee. The new attendee will then log in to the CFUnited website and change the remainder of the information.

Refunds and Cancellations

In the event that you cannot transfer your registration, and you must to cancel your registration, all cancellations must be made in writing, either email or fax to 301.762.8185. For credit cards, we will require the full card information again in order to process your credit refund. Cancellations before April 23, 2010 will result in a full refund minus the $50 processing fee. Cancellations between April 24 and June 25, 2010 will be a 50% refund minus $50 processing fee. There are no refunds for cancellations after June 25, 2010. No refunds for "Exhibitor Pass" or "Guest Pass."


You will receive your badge when you arrive at the event. You will need proper ID in order to receive your badge and materials. Entrance to the Conference will be granted only to those attendees who have paid in advance.

Guest Pass Policy

The guest package offers full access to the event for $220, except for the sessions. The price per day for purchase of guest packages is $60/day for Wednesday and Thursday. This includes the all-day amenities and lunch, as well as the evening events. Friday and Saturday are priced at $50/day as there is no evening event that requires ticketed entry. These prices are based on our cost per person at the venue, so guests will have access to everything minus the sessions. Kids under 16 are free. During the resorts Health Club classes, Resort Rascal Day Care is available for our guests, but pre-registration is required! Please visit the Health Club while you are on property for advanced registration and further details.

Guest Package Discounts

We know not everyone needs the full week guest package, so the following discounts are available to customize your guest package:

  • Guest1 - $160 off - 1 day guest package, used either on Wednesday or Thursday
  • Guest2 - $100 off - 2 day guest package, used on Wednesday and Thursday
  • Guest3 - $50 off - 3 day guest package, used on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday