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"The CFUNITED Sneak Peek was a great success. CFDJ editor Simon Horwith was there and said the hotel looks really nice Much larger and also more professional than past venues. It's all new, has large rooms for sessions, the guest rooms and suites are nice, it has a hip bar/lounge, and that it's in a very convenient location, too. I think it's going to be a terrific event." "

"If this is your first time, you will be very happy. CFUN is the best CFML conference - period. ... consistently I can say CFUN is the one most worth your money"
"CFUN has become the premier CF specific event, and Michael Smith and his team deserve all sorts of praise for their hard work in pulling it all off yet again."
"... learn tips, tricks, and trends from CFML industry leaders and experts, be inspired, and more productive than ever before!"
"...this event really is the best gathering in the world for people developing or managing CF systems. It's here that we can understand what happened, hear what's happening, and learn what's going to happen. You can't beat it."
"Great place to network yourself and pick up new techinques and ideas. Also to meet ones peers, and see what the future holds for all those involved with ColdFusion"
"Introductions to the latest developing techniques. Get inspiration in new ways to develop projects. Generally, to "re-kindle" your cf "fire" by being part of a group excited by and interested in cf development."

The Premier Conference for ColdFusion Development

Rockville, MD, USA - February 16th, 2005 - TeraTech, a 15-year-old Rockville, Maryland based consulting company that specializes in ColdFusionâ, Database and Visual Basic development, announces CFUNITED-05TM, a new technical conference that will take place June 29 - July 1, 2005 at the Montgomery County Conference Center in Rockville, Maryland. CFUNITED-05 will be run by developers for developers, replacing and expanding on the six-year-old CFUN conference, with new topics and tracks aimed at corporate developers. The conference will bring together the entire ColdFusion community: developers, software architects, technical managers, systems integrators, thought leaders, and anyone else who is using or interested in learning about ColdFusion.

CFUNITED-05 will give attendees the opportunity to learn about the culture of Rapid Application Development (RAD), why and how ColdFusion technology evolved, the drive behind the RAD process, the application of ColdFusion to a broad range of industries from commercial to government, and more. The conference presents an opportunity to formally and informally meet key members of the community. The program is designed to enhance the interaction and dialogue between attendees through a carefully selected schedule of topics and tracks.

CFUNITED-05 will include:
  •   3 full days
  •   7 tracks, covering:
  •   Bootcamp - Basic ColdFusion and Flash topics
  •   Advanced - Advanced ColdFusion topics (including Blackstone)
  •   Manager/Empowered - Fusebox and Project management topics
  •   Integration - Flash, Flex, and other technologies integrated with CF topics
  •   Accessibility / Usability - section 508, CSS and disabled access
  •   Deployment/Platform - tuning, install issues, OS, picking a database
  •   Life Cycle - software development
  •   47 expert speakers
  •   64 sessions
  •   1000 attendees
Over 40 nationally known speakers, including many ColdFusion Developers Journal (CFDJ) authors such as Ben Forta, Charlie Arehart, Hal Helms, Steve Drucker, and Michael Smith, will be presenting on a variety of topics. Talks will include hot CFMX 7 topics, Fusebox 4, Flash, Flex, debugging, accessibility, and more. The keynote will be given by Joel Spolsky of Joel on Software, a developer newsletter with a million readers. CFDJ editor Simon Horwith will be running a CFDJ panel to answer developer questions.

Organizations interested in exhibiting have the opportunity to showcase ColdFusion-related offerings and engage in practical, real-world discussions with attendees. Attendees will come away with the increased knowledge and the skills they need to enhance their software development work experience and productivity with ColdFusion.

"CFUNITED-05 is the place where you can experience a new level of participation with ColdFusion developers, community leaders, and companies offering ColdFusion-related products," said Michael Smith, President of TeraTech. "If you are a developer who is working with ColdFusion in commercial, government, and community contexts, you will want to be here!"

Ben Forta, the leading author of reference books on ColdFusion, said, "...What I saw [at CFUN-04] was incredible, and the buzz was phenomenal. CFUN has become the premier CF-specific event."

Tremendous response to CFUN drove the decision to launch the larger, more comprehensive CFUNITED-05. Since CFUN's inception in 1999, over 3500 attendees and 50 vendors have been a part of the event including Macromedia, New Atlanta, Microsoft, CF Dynamics, HostMySite, and PaperThin. There are thousands of developers using or creating ColdFusion-based applications worldwide. CFUNITED-05 has been formed to serve as the premier forum where the ColdFusion community joins together.

Registration and more conference details can be found at www.cfunited.com. Sponsorship packages are currently available at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. Contact Liz Frederick at 301-424-3903 x107 or liz @ teratech.com for more information.

CFUNITED, CFUNITED-05 and CFUN are trademarks of TeraTech, Inc. ColdFusion is a registered trademark of Macromedia, Inc

Contact: Michael Smith, President
(301) 424-3903

If you are a member of the press and would like to cover the CFUNITED conference. Please feel free to contact us. Also, we are offering a free pass to members of the press. Contact Liz Frederick at 301.424.3903 x107 for more information.
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