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See answers to the question "Why should people attend CFUNITED-05?" from our Survey contest.

"Our winner for the survey contest is Jeff Coughlin. He got all the answers correct on the survey contest and his quote is "CF developers are a hot commodity. The demand for fast, reliable web applications is on the rise. Now is the time to be a ColdFusion developer if you want to be on top of the game. CFUNITED is the place to be to see the latest feature sets of ColdFusion and what it can do for you and your company. Be the first to witness it all."

Because it's still C-FUN! Adam Wayne Lehman
It is a chance for ColdFusion developers to network with other developers and companies. It is a chance for anyone in the IT field to gain knowledge and experience about one of the most innovative web technologies today from the industry leaders. Ali Awan
CFUNITED is a great way to not only network with fellow ColdFusion afficianados, but also to learn new techniques and methods to help your career or business. You also can get inside scooops on developments in ColdFusion and learn best practices and much more. Angela Trigg
networking Anita Hsu
It is the largest conference for CF targeted specifically for developers. It is run by developers for developers. I can learn from other developers real world experience and real user case studies so I can see what my collegues at other organizations are doing. And it is just a great time to be had by all. Barbara ONeal
A thousand CF developers all under one roof is both amazingly fun and remarkably educational. Seven tracks means something for everyone, and 54+ speakers means a diverse collection of expertise across all CF-related disciplines. Barney Boisvert
CFUNITED is going to be as much CF-fun as CFUN-04 was. Every session I attended was packed with information and the Networking Party was a blast! I can't wait to see the new Conference Center and reconnect with my old friends Charlie Arehart, Steve Drucker and Michael Smith (can't wait to see more about Personnas, the Community Tech presentation really whet my appetite). Barry Johnson
To connect with other CF users to share information and to learn. A close network of CF users will make ColdFusion a more viable source for others. Belinda Weinbrecht
It is hands down the best, heck, the ONLY ColdFusion conference of the year! Ever since the demise of DevCon and the dilution of the agenda at MAX. CF has been lost in the MM shuffle. CFUN(ITED) has been, and will continue to be the cure. Even at other CF events, like PbD, we all talked about CFUNITED. Besides, where else are you going to see Michael Dinowitz's dance routine? Bob Flynn
to network Brian Rinaldi
Where else can you find such a concentration of ColdFusion expertise and genius in one place at one time? I look at the list of topics and speakers and I can't imagine coming away from the event without being a better programmer. Carolyn Foster
Exellcent way to hone up your CF skill set. Cheryl Dixon
To attend the best ColdFusion conference, network with colleagues and learn about ColdFusion. Chris Lomvardias
It rocks! Christine Harold
Where else can you get this gathering and information? Chuck Rodgers
Application development involves rapidly evolving technologies. Anyone in the industry who does not actively pursue expanding their knowledge will quickly become obsolete. CFUNITED-05 looks to provide the best value for my education dollar. Clay Mabbitt
CFUNITED-05 is a great opportunity to launch your career into the next level, allowing developers to learn new tips, tricks and techniques, all while bonding with fellow ColdFusion users many of us only know by name. Constanty DeCinko
I would like to go to CFUNITED to have dedicated time to advanced CF development. I would also like to meet vendors of products that I would be interested in using. Daniel Lopez
For a great learning and networking experience. David Richter
Fun party! David Sayre
The breadth and depth of information and knowledge is astounding. I gained an invaluable experience attending the lectures and meeting colleagues with similiar skillsets. I attended CFUN 04 and the magnitude of information that I received was almost overwhelming. I believe that every CF developer should attend CFUNITED-05. I was able to incorporate what I learned from the different sessions into my projects. I would love to attend the conference. My office has designated two individuals from our office to attend. If I win a ticket to CFUNITED 05, I will use my vacation PTO to attend the conference. Deetra Whatley
There is no better ColdFusion conference out there than CFUNITED. One conference at a world class conference center gets you three days of classes that will make you a better programmer and personally connect you with the top ColdFusion experts in the world. No car rental necessary. Fly to Washington, D.C. and hop on the Metro to take you across the street from the hotel. There is no better choice if you know ColdFusion or want to learn ColdFusion: CFUNITED is a self contained can't miss affair if you are serious about ColdFusion. Miss it and you lose out for yet another year while others leave you coding in the dust. Frank Nickerson
Tell me why not! Frank Wheatley
because itґs cool Herwig Loidl
Learning more, networking more, getting NEW ideas...and now, to support CF's continued existence. Howard Perlman
To learn and meet fellow cf'ers James Papaleo
I know why I want to come: I want to see my friends, I want to network, I want to learn. I want to BE there, I want to be involved. I need to be there... and can't imagine a world wherein I'm not. I want to be at the center of my profession, and by being at CFUnited 05, I'll take one more step in making that a reality. I want to speak to Michael Smith about cf.Objective(06), making sure that we're marketing our conferences in tandem, that we're able to cover different aspects of the technology (or even the same ones, but in a complimentary way). I want to be there for the Bloggers' Night Out, with Joe, Sean, Doug, Steven, et al, not just because it would be cool but because we're all out here "in the wild" and building something for Macromedia... and we need to know eachother. We're colleagues, and it doesn't do for us to never have met. I want to hear the "big names" speak on issues that are important to me, to my career, and to my business. I need to know as much as possible, because I'm independent and haven't got a large team backing me up... which means I need to garner every drop of information from those who have it so I can keep my business going. If you're alive, and you're breathing, and you're me, *that's* why you need to go to CFUnited. Jared Rypka-Hauer
Networking with other CF developers, keeping up to date on the latest techniques and developments, and learning from many CF developers and masters. Jason Buckner
CF developers are a hot commodity. The demand for fast, reliable web applications is on the rise. Now is the time to be a ColdFusion developer if you want to be on top of the game. CFUNITED is the place to be to see the latest feature sets of ColdFusion and what it can do for you and your company. Be the first to witness it all. Jeff Coughlin
Quality sessions, quality speakers, networking, and fun. Jeremy Gibbens
CFUnited gives you an opportunity to learn the latest tools and techniques, network with your peers and have fun! jim collins
I attended CFun two years ago and found it to be a very stimulating couple of days. Being able to talk with other programmers about projects, their businesses and how they use CF revealed lots of possibilities for me. Joan Cranmer
Cold Fusion is the wave of the future and the only way to ride that wave is to be at CFUNITED-05, for the most CFUN. Ken Dodds
Its the onlt dedicated CF Conference Kevin Roche
The concentration of speakers, exhibitors, and attendees is just one one needs to quickly and easily catch up, pick up ideas and techniques, get your questions answered, and plan future initiatives. LaVern Pritchard
The CFUNITED-05 Conference is a great way to see what is coming down the pike for coldfusion. It gives developers like myself a chance to step away from application development for a few days and look at the bigger picture of what if going in the world of Coldfusion. Also, networking opportunities are plentiful because many Coldfusion experts attend the conference. All of this sounds good enough without even talking about a chance to get away to America's capital city. Lindan Elliott
Because all the best minds, greatest conversationalists, and the fun party friends will be there in a CF atmosphere! Lisa Wilson
Because they know and love or want to know and love Cold Fusion. Luis Torres
For me, CFUNITED-05 would be the premier user group event of the year. I live in an area where the closest user group is more than an hour away. I rarely have the time to drive to the meeting. With the release of CFMX 7, CFUNITED-05 will have a plethora for me to learn, discuss, and use back at work. Matt Williams
Hanging out with other developers without having the content determined by who pays the most to sponsor the event. Trading and sharing ideas with others who use CF. Learn the latest way to leverage CF for application development. Find out how others are using CF in combination with other technologies. Matthew Shindler
To meet ALL the ColdFusion experts under one roof! Michael Clark
For the wealth of information and knowledge sharing that will be available. To learn up-to-date techniques and tips. Michelle Suess
to learn everything about CF Nahuel Foronda
learn -- network P Dimler
To network with other developers and enhance skills to create more secure and stable applications that clients love to use! Pam Kissinger
There is a lot to learn Patrick Graham
Well, it clearly is THE CF-centric annual conference without as much Macromedia marketing spin and it's in the terrific D.C. area. And you gotta love the tireless promotional efforts of Michael Smith and his company. Paul Fraser
It is a great experience for someone of any coding level. There is a large amount of exposure to new ideas and techniques. Phillip Jacobs
It is run by developers for developers. The sessions are based on real world experience and real user case studies. Rich Paul
because it is THE coldfusion developers conference in North America Rich Sloan
Claiming you went to the conference at your own expense will significantly raise your bosses view of you relative to your peers! Ryan Hartwich
To be educated on best and most efficient CF practices in the industry and increase CF awareness within the Coldfusion community. Seyi
Because we LOVE COLDFUSION sravan
It was a great event last year and I am sure it will be an even better event this year. Steven French
Conferences are always like trying to drink out of a firehose--intense immersion in the best of the best in any field. CF United has put together the "stars" of ColdFusion at a critical point in CF's evolution. As the tech industry once again comes into its full stride, the ideas, relationships, techniques and new approaches that come from this show will be invaluable to successfully meeting the challenges of the upcoming year. Plus, it will be a shitload of fun!!! Pick me! Pick me! Ted Johnson
It's run by developers for developers. Exactly what the CF community needs. Networking with other CF developers is a super plus. Theresa Benc
To intereact with other developers and learn from various sources. Virginia Older

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