2009 Classes

Title Speaker
CU241 - CBOX-100 : Intro To ColdBox Luis Majano
CU242 - Beginning iPhone Bootcamp Rob Rusher
CU243 - Flex Boot Camp Dan Blackman
CU245 - Hitchikers Guide to ColdFusion Chaz Chumley
CU247 - Managing Web Projects for Developers Shlomy Gantz
CU248 - jQuery and ColdFusion Jeff Peters
CU249 - Hands on CSS Dee Sadler
CU250 - Getting Started with CFBuilder, for those coming from Dreamweaver, CFStudio, HomeSite, etc. Charlie Arehart

Pre-conference classes are a separate cost from the main CFUnited event.


Lansdowne Resort and Conference Center.


August 11, 2009


9:00am - 5:30pm


Breakfast, Lunch, and fully replenished snacks and beverages are provided throughout the day.



Seats per class:



Custom Classes

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CU241 - Luis Majano - CBOX-100 : Intro To ColdBox

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Intro to ColdBox is an intense 1-day training course that will get you started with ColdBox Application Development. This course focuses on the main aspects of ColdBox Development and it delivers a one-two punch to get you started.

This course will focus on the following topics:

  • ColdBox Installation & Maitenance
  • Application Generation and Development Tools
  • Application Configuration
  • SES Routing
  • Event Driven Programming
  • Caching Techniques
  • Layout/View Renderings

CU242 - Rob Rusher - Beginning iPhone Bootcamp

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If you're a developer who wants to write applications that run on the iPhone, you should attend the Beginning iPhone Bootcamp.

The first two units of the course are devoted to learning Objective-C, followed by an intensive iPhone Bootcamp. Beginning iPhone Bootcamp will take you from complete novice to being able to build your first iPhone application. After an introduction to the Objective-C language and the Foundation framework, we delve into the toolchain and the classes that make up the iPhone UI framework.

In this one day bootcamp we will not cover everything about the iPhone, but it will certainly get you started and enhance your confidence in building your first "app for that".

CU243 - Dan Blackman - Flex Boot Camp

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Wanting to make the transition to Flex? Are you a Java or ColdFusion developer and your customers are begging for a better UI experience? During this one day Boot Camp you will gain the insight needed to build a Flex Application that integrates with backend services. We will explore, from the ground up, the added value the Flex containers and controls, the ability to spice up the user experience and round out the application with integration of backend services. Come explore the world of Rich Internet Applications with us!

CU245 - Chaz Chumley - Hitchikers Guide to ColdFusion

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From Configuration to Conception, join us for a full day of setting up and developing ColdFusion on both Windows and Mac (IIS, Apache, MySQL, SQL Server).

This class will cover how to setup a development environment regardless of your platform. Introduction to Internet Information Server and Apache and how to configure websites and virtual hosts for each. Configuring ColdFusion to run on either web server. Installing and configuring SQL Server and MySQL and some basic gotchas for each.

We will conclude with how to integrate ColdFusion with Coldbox, Coldspring and Transfer to rapidly create a ColdFusion application that is scaleable and easy to maintain. The ins and outs of Transfer configuration to manage your CRUD (create, read, update and delete) functionality. Basic MVC (Model, View, Controller) architecture and harnessing the power of Coldspring and Coldbox.

CU247 - Shlomy Gantz - Managing Web Projects for Developers

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Are you a great coder? If so, you've probably been put in charge of a team of developers to build the next best thing.

But are coding skills enough?

Great coders can be great project managers, but just like coding, project management has its own set of best practices and techniques. This seminar is geared toward developers are transitioning to project management or people who are already managing other developers.

What will you learn?

You will learn the fundamentals of software project Management with specific emphasis on transitioning from developer to project manager. You will learn real world techniques that will help you with project planning, scheduling and budget. You will learn how to manage developers; conduct effective meetings and tips & tricks that will help you deliver products on time and on budget.

Shlomy Gantz is a long time Adobe Instructor, Developer and Author and has been teaching developers how to effectively manage projects for over 10 years.

CU248 - Jeff Peters - jQuery and ColdFusion

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jQuery is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries in use. ColdFusion can auto-generate JavaScript for many favorite AJAX-type tasks. This class will explore how to make automated JavaScript and hand-rolled JavaScript work and play well together, while retaining the developer's sanity. Bring your own laptop and a healthy dose of curiosity. Techniques explored are also applicable to other JavaScript libraries.

CU249 - Dee Sadler - Hands on CSS

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Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Foundations provides web designers and developers with the knowledge and hands-on practice they need to build and manage professional web sites using Cascading Style Sheets. This course uses Dreamweaver CS3/4 as the primary tool to create, modify and manage CSS.
Course Outline
Lesson 1: Setting the Foundations
Lesson 2: Visual Formatting Model Recap
Lesson 3: Background Images and Image Replacement
Lesson 4: Styling Links
Lesson 5: Styling Lists and Creating Nav Bars
Lesson 6: Styling Forms and Data Tables
Lesson 7: Layout

CU250 - Charlie Arehart - Getting Started with CFBuilder, for those coming from Dreamweaver, CFStudio, HomeSite, etc.

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You’ve heard the buzz about ColdFusion Builder (code-named Bolt and referred to hereafter as CFBuilder), now get a walkthrough (hands-on from your own laptop if you bring one) from someone who’s been down the same path, coming to CFBuilder from other non-Eclipse-based CFML editors like Dreamweaver, HomeSite, and CF Studio. In this day-long class, Veteran CFer Charlie Arehart will introduce you to CFBuilder, presuming you have no prior experience with it or Eclipse/CFEclipse. (Indeed, if you do have experience with those editors, this is not the class for you!)

Whether you want to or are being told to use CFBuilder, it’s clearly the CFML editor of the future, and you’ll come away with a clear appreciation of its strengths and capabilities. You may even, like Charlie, grow very quickly to like it.

Many who tried in the past to make the transition from those other CFML editors to CFEclipse (a close cousin to CFBuilder) struggled, partly from the significant differences between the editors, and partly from a relative lack of guidance (and indeed a sense of not belonging) for those making the transition. You were generally expected to tough it out and “get with the program”.

Adobe has done several things to address those challenges in CFBuilder. There’s still room for improvement, sure, but they’ve also added still more powerful features that make it all the more worth the transition, including many not ever provided in the other CFML editors. Charlie will gently guide those using the other editors to appreciate the power and even the simplicity of CFBuilder.

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