CFUnited 2008 Classes

The below are full day classes are provided prior to the main CFUnited 2008 event.

The topics are taught in a classroom style in contrast to the breakout session style topics at the main conference and are often hands on with one-on-one instruction from the speaker.


Monday 6/16

Code Speaker Topic
CU234 Chaz Chumley Fast Track to ColdFusion 8
CU232 Joe Rinehart and Simon Horwith Flex for Developers
CU231 Doug Hughes Introduction to Model-Glue
CU233 Matthew Woodward OO Programming with Mach-II

Tuesday 6/17

Code Speaker Topic
CU235 Hal Helms Better User Interfaces with jQuery
CU237 Charlie Arehart CF911: Solving CF Performance and Reliability Problems
CU238 Scott Stroz ColdFusion's AJAX Advantage
CU236 Nate Nelson SQL For Developers - "The Next Step"