Prices, Expiration Dates and Discount Rates

Only one discount per registration. To obtain discount codes contact info @ Each person must be registered separately in order to receive his or her personalized name badge.

The Full registration package is for the event on August 12th- 15th 2009

If you would like to purchase a smaller package, you can choose either:

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Package Price Expires 12/31/08 Price Expires 3/31/09 Price Expires 6/30/09 Regular Price Expires 7/31/09
3 days $699 $799 $899 $999
4 days $849 $949 $1049 $1149
Saturday only $399 $449 $499 $549


If you would like to obtain a discount, contact info (at)

Available Discounts



The CFUnited Registration center will e-mail a registration confirmation to all registered attendees. If you do not receive a confirmation within 3 days, please call us at 1.800.447.9120 to verify your registration status.


You will recieve your badge when you arrive at the event. You will need proper ID in order to receive your package of goodies and materials.

Refunds and Cancellations

Substitutions are welcome at any time. Otherwise, registration cancellations must be made in writing and postmarked or faxed at least one week prior to the conference date. Cancellations before May 15th will result in a full refund less a $50 processing fee. Cancellations between May 15th through August 1st will be a 50% refund minus $50 processing fee. There are no refunds for cancellations after August 1st. No "Exhibitor Pass" or "Guest Pass" refunds. Payments must be received within 30 days or by the date of the event. Otherwise your company will be black listed from registering for future events.