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New Topic - Janine Driver, The Lyin Tamer

Do you have it all?

I brought in a celebrity to speak at CFUnited. I saw Janine Driver in DC in June and she's hilarious and has a ton of great tips for business professionals. She will show you how to climb the ladder in your career. She's trained many in the government and law enforcement agencies, now she's reaching to business professionals like us. (See the link to her recent TV show appearances below)

For all you "LIE TO ME" show fans: Janine Driver's mentor is Dr. Paul Ekman, the inspiration behind the new hit TV show.

Her topic is "The New Executive Presence"

Speaking Times:
Thu. 3:15PM-4:15PM
Fri. 9:00AM-10:00AM

Janine Driver, Body Language Contributor for NBC's The Today Show, has been dubbed the "Lyin' Tamer" and that's L-Y-I-N Tamer because...she knows when people are lying! Janine is a world-renowned body language expert, international speaker, author and life coach. She has been seen on the Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, CNN, the History Channel, ESPN, Fox News Live and many more. She is the author of The Masters of Success and will release her second book with Crown Publishing, "YOU SAY MORE THAN YOU THINK: A 7- Day Plan on How to Use the New Body Language to Get What You Want", February 2010. Janine's background is as fascinating as the subject matter she teaches. By day, she spent more than a decade as an award- winning Federal Law Enforcement Officer for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), training 30,000+ cops, lawyers and judges in the fine art of separating fact from fiction. By night, she thrilled audiences as a stand up comic who shared the stage with Chris Rock, Robin Williams and Ray Romano. Today, Janine teaches her recently de-classified body language strategies to thousands of businesses around the globe! Her motto: "If I can teach cops to get the bad guys to confess, then I can teach YOU to easily get the people in your life to say 'YES'!"

Watch videos of her recent appearances on TV

I decided to bring in something a little different to this conference. I hope everyone enjoy this rare experience.

Slidesix demo of Why Should You Attend CFUnited

Todd Sharp put together this really cool slide show of CFUnited. It also demonstrates what you can do with

Our speakers this year will be asked to put their presentation here and we will give a password for attendees to get access. Then at a future time we will make some of them available to the public.

View Slide show here and show it at your next User Group meeting or get together at a cubicle near you. :-)

Simon Free and Ben Nadel on CFUnited Video

CFUnited on Yahoo Live

There isn't much going on now.. but at the conference we plan to have a few webcams in various places so people at home can tune in.

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