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New Stellr Girls added to the team!

CFUnited has been a handful this year! Its because we have so much great stuff going on.

Help me welcome Cara Beverage and Tara Kossari our new interns!

Cara, a friend of mine, has been a big helper every year and she's decided to join the Stellr team for a little while.

Tara also comes from University of Maryland and she's my event planning intern who is really eager to make this event amazing.

So that's Liz, Nafisa, Cara, and Tara who will be hosting your experience this year. Don't under estimate what's to come.

CFUnited Manager Guide

This is the Ultimate Manager Guide for CFUnited 2009.

If you do anything today, print a copy of this document and hand it to your manager. It has great information and I hope they realize that CFUnited is the place for you to be this year.

*Also, please tell your friends :-)

Working while at CFUnited

We understand that it is difficult to take time off for almost an entire week to attend a conference. While the event and learning is very useful, we all still have to maintain a proper work flow.

That's why at CFUnited we have created several work stations which provide a quiet and private area for attendees to work. All provided for FREE.

This is not an internet cafe, instead it is supplied with power strips, tables, seating, coffee, snacks, and excellent wireless Internet. We've upped the expectations this year.

If you have to check in to work and get those billable hours completed on time and under budget, we want to make sure we help you keep your end of the deal.

We are focusing on your needs and your companies needs.

Please register today you have everything to gain.

Areas highlighted in Orange are designated work rooms for multiple work stations.

Meet Team CFUnited!

Over here at TeraTech, Team CFUnited is working so hard to bringing you the best event ever. So much has changed this year and we've taken everyone's requests very seriously. If you see us walking by during the conference we'd love to meet you! Feel free to give us more feedback and ask us questions.

The Team (From left to right)

  • Alex Emmerman - Conference Intern
  • Nafisa Sabu - Graphic Designer / Assistant Conference Coordinator
  • Liz Frederick - Conference Manager / Lead Graphic Designer
  • Elliott Sprehn - Software Engineer / Assistant Conference Coordinator

Thank you for your business and we hope to see you in a couple weeks!

- Team CFUnited :)