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Win a Hyper-V VPS from Media3

We are very excited to have Media3 as a Silver Sponsor at CFUnited this year. To share in all the excitement, Media3 is giving us a Hyper-V VPS to CFUnited so that we can raffle it off to a randomly selected registered attendee by March 31, 2009! These VPS' are residing on 64 bit DELL 900 series servers with CF Enterprise, and are connected to a Gigi Bit switched network in their SAS70 data center. It is the latest technology.

Below is a message from Bob Hayes, the CEO and Founder Media3.

We know that finding a reliable hosting company to work with is not easy. So you'll be happy to know that at Media3 we don't believe in cutting corners.

Our idea is simple and hasn't changed since 1995.

We specialize in hosting the powerful development features of ColdFusion from Adobe. The pages that you visit at are driven by ColdFusion, in fact, our entire support, billing , sales and control panel functions are driven by CF. As a Premier Adobe Hosting Partner and a long term CF user, we are uniquely positioned to assist you in all aspects of your ColdFusion hosting environment.

Have you ever watched the Miss Universe Pageant, used Equal Sweetener, Ever rode a Roller Coaster at Cedar Park in N.J. watched Ultimate Fighter Championship on Spike TV, thumbed through a National Geographic Magazine, heard of the United Auto Workers or United Nations? Well, all of the above and ten's of thousands more have trusted us with their web presence and email.

We are one of the pioneers in the website hosting industry. We currently serve thousands of professional website designers and developers, just like you. We know how important proper professional hosting is to you and your clients. SERIOUS HOSTING FOR SOLID BUSINESS

We are proud sponsors of the CFUNITED conference this August and hope to see you there. We are committed to the CF community and will be announcing a very special offer to ALL those who register, which we will announce at a later date. We have offered the Adobe evangelist free windows 2008 Hyper-V VPS' for both personal and professional projects. And we are looking to assist the community with any CF hosting issues.

For all those that register by March 31st Media3 is giving CFUnited one of our Hyper-V VPS to be given away in a drawing. These VPS' are residing on 64 bit DELL 900 series servers with CF Enterprise, and are connected to a Gigi Bit switched network in our SAS70 data center. It is the latest technology.

See the enhanced plan at

Look forward to seeing you at the show !

Bob Hayes CEO and Founder Media3

CFUnited New Sponsors

We are so excited to announce our newest sponsors.

Platinum Sponsor

Adobe Systems Inc.

Silver Sponsors




On3 Solutions

Savvy Software

Charity Code-a-thon

I received this message from a fellow TeraTech employee and thought I'd forward it along to the public.

On July 26 - 27, AboutWeb LLC (and other friends) will be hosting a Extreme Website Makeover code-a-thon for the Pan American Medical Society (PAMS) charity. PAMS is a non-profit group that facilitates the donation of medical equipment, resources, and medical personnel to disadvantaged communities locally, as well as in Latin America and the Carribean. Locally, the PAMS doctors are continuously volunteering throughout the community. And just in the past three years, the Pan American Medical Society provided assistance of intense medical-surgical activities in Northern Peru, Eastern Ecuador, and Quito. The application we are building is a social networking app with all the bells and whistles, including payment processing, photos, blogs, forums, etc. The technologies we are utilizing are mainly ColdFusion, Flex, Ajax, and YUI. The main goal of the application will be to act as a hub for PAMS members and companion groups and organizations to share resources, raise funds, and coordinate activities. Please let us know if you are able to attend! Feel free to contact us with any further questions at 301-468-9246 x104. Again, the dates for the the code-a-thon is July 26 (9:00AM) - July 27 (6:00PM) at the AboutWeb office (6177 Executive Blvd, Rockville, MD 20852). You are more than invited to come and donate your talents and whatever time your schedule allows!

Note: The work is going to be 90% ColdFusion, but I know a lot of Flex people also do ColdFusion so I thought it was appropriate for the user group.

Railo at CFUnited

We are excited to have Railo at CFUnited this year. They will be partially exhibiting near the Intergral booth. We also plan to give them a BOF session. More details soon. This news is so new it isn't posted anywhere because we are a little busy at the moment.

Railo Technologies GmbH, founded 2006 is located in Bern, Switzerland.

The Railo CFML engine project was started in 2002 and was built for the purpose of creating a high performance CFML engine which transforms pages written in CFML into executable Java Bytecode.

After months of programming, we were able to release the first version of Railo Alpha 1 back in November 2004. After a few further alpha releases and a couple of beta releases we launched Railo 1.0 in June 2006. The latest and fastest release of Railo, version 2.0 was launched on August 25th 2007. Railo 3.0 will be launched in August 2008.

On Scotch on the Rocks in Edinburgh this year we announced that we will completely open source Railo 3.1 and host it on the community portal Partnering with JBoss allows us to gain access to a complete new market and a huge community of potential contributors for the CFML engine.

Railo Technologies has several customers that already use their CFML engine. Just to name a few:
- Apple Inc.
- IDG Communications Inc.
- Spiegel Germany
- Radio Television Luxembourg (RTL media)
- Peta
- Warner Bros.
- Swiss Tourism
and many more.

Round of drinks from Nylon Technology

For those of you who attended CFUnited Euope last month in London, you probably remember during Tuesdays evening event Simon Horwith bought a round of drinks for all the attendees on behalf of his company Nylon Technology. We wanted to thank Simon and Nylon Technology for the generous gesture, you guys really added to the excitement at the evening event!

Nylon Technology is a web development agency based in New York, specializing in web-based software projects including custom website, intranet, extranet, cd-rom, content management and database solutions. They are also looking for developers, so if your interested visit for more information.

CFUnited Europe Media Sponsor: House of Fusion

We want to thank House of Fusion for being a media sponsor for CFUnited Europe!

"You're using ColdFusion and you need to know the answer to a question. You need to talk to someone who knows more ColdFusion than you. You need it now. Where do you go? Since 1996 (and earlier) the answer has been to the House of Fusion. Whether it's the high volume ColdFusion Technical Talk list (CF-Talk), another one of our popular technical (or non-technical) mailing lists, or articles, House of Fusion has always been there to enhance the ColdFusion developer community.

In addition, there is the Fusion Authority, the ColdFusion technical journal whose print edition brings you up-to-date with all the latest ColdFusion information and techniques. The clear, well-written articles bring even the highest level concepts down to earth.

The bottom line is that House of Fusion and Fusion Authority have the information you need to be a ColdFusion professional. "

CFUnited Europe Sponsors

Have you met our CFUnited Europe Sponsors? We'd like to take a moment and thank each of them for supporting us in London.

Adobe Systems Inc. - Gold Exhibitor

Objective Internet - Gold Exhibitor

TeraTech Inc. - Gold

Intergral - Gold Exhibitor

World Zhulu - Silver Exhibitor

PaperThin - Silver Exhibitor - Announced soon - Contributor - Media Sponsor

ThinkGeek - Prize Contributor

IEXP FusionDox - Contributor - Announced soon

Webapper - Contributor - Announced soon - Media Sponsor - Announced soon - Contributor - Announced soon

Please take a moment to find out more about our sponsors:

For more information about our newest sponsors, please see our sponsor page again next week.

CFUnited 2008 Sponsor Savvy Software

Our first 2008 Bronze sponsor is Savvy Software!

Savvy Software is the developer of Savvy Content Manager - rapidly becoming the go to solution for web content management. Painless installation, ease of use and quick training times are its hallmark. Savvy CM is supported by many ColdFusion hosts, is low cost and incredibly easy for your end users. Easily extend the cms with your own code. Our partner program is growing quickly, and a great option for those in the web development field who don't wish to rebuild the wheel, but instead build upon it. Visit our website or call 866.870.6358

CFUnited 2008 USA June 2008

Adobe - Gold Sponsor of CFUnited Europe

Thank you Adobe for your Gold Level sponsorship for CFUnited Europe 2008!

With Adobe's contribution will be able to make this London event even more exciting to attend. Don't miss the opportunity to spend two days with the community's best CF gurus.

Don't forget Ben Forta's big ColdFusion Keynote presentation.

We've announced our prices and at Buy 2 tickets and Get 1 ticket free, its a steal! Contact liz (at) to obtain the discount code. Prices expire January 10th and if you register by then, you will be entered in a raffle for a free iPod touch!

Contributor Sponsorship program

For CFUnited 2008 we are allowing up to 5 starter companies to participate in the contributor program and receive sponsorship benefits.

Sponsorship Includes:
1 table placed in the exhibitor booth area at the conference.
Logo on the website
1/4 page ad in the conference show guide
Newsletter feature about your company

What CFUnited gets:
Promote CFUnited to your customers
Logo or banner ad on your website
Interview for newsletter

If you'd like to apply for this program, please contact liz (at)

The first 5 companies that qualify will receive this sponsorship free. Others will be offered the program at $500 each. Must be a company that has just begun in the industry and has an exciting vision of how CFUnited can help their business.

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