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CF Yoga

Do you bend over your computer all day programming? Do you get stressed out, neck ache, shoulder pain, mouse wrist, back ache?

CF Yoga can help! This will be a 30 minute yoga session that you can do in a chair - so no need for fancy yoga clothes or yoga mat. And you can take these exercises back to your office to do during the day to help keep you relaxed and healthy during the rest of the year.

When: Thursday 11:45am - 12:15pm (after the day two keynote)
Where: Faulkner
(This bonus session is not on the schedule)


Who's been keeping up with their schedules lately??

Well....if you haven't noticed, some of the Saturday repeat sessions were posted some time ago, but I didn't want to announce it until it was full!

So yes, you can now see the Saturday schedule!! It consists of our most popular sessions from this year's CFUnited (yes, I can predict the future).

Also, there have been a few switches to the schedule for the week. If this has affected your scheduling, make sure you fix it so that you're all set.

So far, the most popular session has about 125 attendees, which is nowhere close to being even half of the attendees registered!! Come on people! I know you can do better than this.

Make sure you are adding your favorite topics to the scheduler. We base the room selections on attendees that schedule the topics. So make sure you save yourself a seat by adding your topics in!!

CFUnited Schedule is Officially Posted

Hello everyone!

We are very excited to announce the Schedule for CFUnited 2010.

You will notice there are still some TBA topics, and some events are still not identified, such as the BOFs and Special Events. The main thing to focus on are the presentations!

Also, for those attendees who have registered, you can now use the scheduler (when you log in). So start scheduling your sessions!!

For Saturday-only attendees, once we choose the most popular sessions, we will announce them so that you all can create your Saturday schedule!

Happy Hump Day!

Schedule for CFUnited 2010 Update

Hello everyone

We know you have all been waiting on pins and needles for the schedule to come out! It is currently going through its rounds of approval. I'm doing my best to make sure it comes out soon!

In the meantime, feel free to look at the topics and speakers to get an idea of what will be offered at CFUnited this year!

And as usual, we will have Birds of a Feather sessions and Roundtable Discussions, as well!

As soon as the schedule is official and ready to go, I will be sure to blog about it!

More cancelations - Amazing new topics

Jeremy Kadlec is unable to speak on Saturday.

Hal Helms's sessions have been canceled. He is unfortunately unable to join us this year.

Jacob Munson had to cancel as well.

In their place, the following topics have replaced their speaking slots.


4:15 PM - 5:15 PM Mike Brunt "Clustering ColdFusion - Myths and Legends"


8:30 AM - 9:30 AM Raymond Camden "Introduction to jQuery with ColdFusion"

2:00pm - 3:00pm - Adam Haskell "Code Reviews and Team Dynamics"

4:45 PM - 5:45 PM Terry Ryan "Selling Professional Development at the Resistant Shop"

Our DB has been updated, results should show up on the website momentarily.

CFUnited Attendee Packet

Did get your CFUnited Attendee Packet via Email?

Here's the information you need:

CFUnited Shuttle Schedule Revised

Hello Shuttle Riders!

We had to make minor changes to the Shuttle Schedule. And we've created a document which makes it easy for you to follow shuttle times.


Download PDF:

Dulles Airport Shuttle

If you have not done so already, fill out this form and fax back to the resort:

Monday (or earlier) Arrivals and Commuters

For those of you arriving on Monday via Reagan Airport (DCA), Amtrak, and Metro! We recommend taking the Orange Metro line toward Vienna and get off at the West Falls Church Station, take the Washington Flyer Coach Service to Dulles Airport ($10). Notify the hotel @ (703-729-8400) that you will be arriving at the airport and you'd like the shuttle to pick you up. Let them know you are with CFUnited.

More information about the Washington Flyer Coach:

Changes to Saturday schedule

Nate Nelson's "Database Tips, Tricks, and Secrets" has moved to 11am

Dan Blackman's "Design Patterns and ColdFusion: Exploring Object Based Programming" will not be repeated on Saturday. The session will be removed from the Saturday schedule shortly.

CFUnited mobile schedule

"What's Next?" App by Raymond Camden

We've all been there... at a conference, probably carrying a huge laptop bag filled with sponsor swag in one hand coffee on the other... trying to rush to figure out what session to attend next when you realize that little printed schedule of the conference sessions you were holding is lost somewhere in the session you were sitting in hours ago... *sigh*

Thanks to Ray's new "What's Next?" app the paper schedule is no more and you wont be late to another session! The app lets you quickly browse the conference schedule right from your mobile phone. It lists session based on the day and time and even has a nice search and "What's Next?" feature so you can quickly see what sessions are coming up. It even lists the speaker name, room name, number of seats, and the description of the session all on one page. If you are attending CFUnited next week be sure to bookmark on your phone.

** For those of you who would prefer the printed schedule, don't fret we will printing the schedule of session like we have in the past.

Conference Tips

What do alumni conference goers recommend? We've done research and interviews to find out how to make the most out of your experience and be the most prepared. Do you have any tips of your own?

1. Bring a lot of business cards and make sure to take home anyone's but your own.

2. Bring the right clothes. It is going to be a hot summer week. The Air conditioner will be running, but if you get cold easily, bring a light sweatshirt.

3. Have a list of numbers, addresses, and confirmation numbers in one place. try keeping it all in one envelope.

4. Leave time while at the conference to invite someone you meet to dinner or drinks.

5. Take notes about what you learn about in the sessions and feel free to share a link to your notes in the comments under each topic listed on the website.

6. Follow CFUnited and others to get the most out of the conference.

7. Sleep when you get homeýCFUnited is a huge and fantastic event, so make the most of it!

8. If you bring your laptop, find an area in the session rooms near the power strips. And feel free to use the workstation quiet rooms to work or answer emails privately.

9. Ask questions.

10. Drink lots of water. Keeping hydrated will keep you going day in and day out.

BONUS: Thank the conference/hotel staff. It helps to know how things are going.

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