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Round up of CFUnited CFConversations

Here is a round up of the recent CFConversation podcasts that spotlight the CFUnited conference, sessions, and speakers. Big thanks to Brian Meloche for doing such an awesome job of organizing and hosting the podcasts!

Barney Boisvert - this episode in the Speakers of CFUnited series features Barney Boisvert. This is a great episode, which was recorded on Day 2 of CFObjective in May. Barney talks about his session, CFGroovy - Groovy for the CFML Developer, which he's doing Thursday at 4:45pm at CFUnited. Of course, that means he talks about Groovy and why he uses it with CF. We also talk about Hibernate, Grails, Fusebox and his mini Fusebox-inspired framework called FB3Lite.

CFUnited 2009 Day 2, Part 1 - The new venue for CFUnited this year, Stellr, the day 1 keynotes from Liz Frederick and Adobe, day 1 sessions, birds of a feather and hints at several other things that we dive deeper into in part 2. On the roundtable panel: Brian Meloche, John Mason, Timothy Farrar, John Farrar, Anita Neal, and Jason Dean

CFUnited 2009 Day 2, Part 2 - Covering a lot of stuff, including things both at the conference and other things to think about. Joe Reinhart's inspiring day 2 keynote that prominently featured Todd Sharp's Slide Six site as an example of sites CF developers should aspire to build rather than oldschool CF CRUD-style apps that ColdFusion no longer has the same advantages it historically had over other languages.We discuss some of the interesting day 2 sessions we attended. Janine Driver, Mark Phillips, Charlie Arehart, Mike Brunt, Adam Haskell and Barney Boisvert were singled out as speakers with interesting talks. Lastly, some of the demo derby apps were discussed, as the two Johns and Timothy are each competing in the derby.

Lawrence Cramer - Lawrence is speaking (in one hour! - apologies to all) on Real World eCommerce with ColdFusion, and he talks about his presentation. He also talks about how he got started in Dreamweaver and later ColdFusion, ColdFusion 9/ColdFusion Builder (still code named, at the time) and some other projects.

Post-CFUnited 2009: Wrap-up, Withdrawal & Fallout - a post-CFUnited 2009 "wrap-up fallout" roundtable, where we review the conference as a whole, "post-conference withdrawal and fallout" of things that both happened and what didn't happen during the conference. On this roundtable, we have: Brian Meloche, Adam Haskell, Dan Wilson, John Farrar, and Mark Mandel

CFUnited Podcast: Douglas Knudsen - Connecting Flex to ColdFusion

"In our third installment of the Speakers of CFUnited series, Dan Wilson interviews Douglas Knudsen, consultant with Universal Mind, who is speaking on Connecting Flex to ColdFusion at CFUnited.

Doug talks about topics from his talk at CFUnited, working in a coworking group environment instead of working from home, his start with ColdFusion, and music to work to, including Chinese Silk music." - Brian Meloche

Visit CFConversations to listen to the podcast.

CFUnited Podcast: Luis Majano

For our second episode in the Speakers of CFUnited series, Adam Haskell and I interview Luis Majano, the creator of the ColdBox framework. This was recorded October 24, 2008, so it predates the MAX conference, the Bolt announcement, and Adobe layoffs, and ColdBox is now up to version 2.6.2. Of course, Luis talks about Coldbox, but he also talks about growing up in El Salvador during its civil war, including Salvadoran cuisine, coming to America, how he started in ColdFusion, pre-Coldbox, what led to Coldbox and why Luis is excited about ColdFusion's future. This interview, which was originally scheduled to be released before MAX, is one of my favorites so far. It was delayed due to some time sensitive episodes, vacation, and the MAX episodes (including ones not yet released, as mentioned earlier) but I'm proud to bring it to you now, and I think you'll really enjoy it!" - Brian Meloche

Luis will be speaking on Coldbox at CFUnited. Visit CFConversations to listen to the podcast.

CFUnited Podcast: Doug Hughes

We are excited to announce that CFUnited will be working with Brian Meloche & CFConversations to bring a series of podcasts with CFUnited speakers and topics.

Check out the first episode where Dan Wilson interviews Doug Hughes, visit CFConversations to listen in.

Stay tuned for more podcasts in the upcoming months! interviews and round tables

Thank you Brian Meloche for putting together these interviews and round tables. We enjoyed talking with you. I know we will do more in the future.

Michael Smith Interview

Liz Frederick and Nafisa Sabu

Round Table: Brian Meloche, Rick Mason, John Farrar, Dana Tierney, Ken Auenson, Chris Hough, Seth Bienek, Timothy Farrar, Adam Tuttle, and Adam Haskell

Round Table: Brian Meloche, Adam Haskell, Rick Mason, Judith Dinowitz, Brian Swartzfager, Dee Sadler and Bill Shelton

CFUnited Podcast: Sean Corfield - AJAX Integration With CF 8

CFUnited Podcast: Sean Corfield - AJAX Integration With ColdFusion 8

Hosted by Christian Ready

AJAX is one of the most talked about "new" technologies of recent years but the reality so far has been that writing dynamic, cross-browser applications that leverage JavaScript is a complex, labor-intensive process. Find out how Scorpio will change that reality by providing AJAX functionality built right into our favorite language!

Podcast link:

CFUnited Podcast: Nate Nelson - Database Performance Tuning

CFUnited Podcast: Nate Nelson - Database Performance Tuning

Hosted by Christian Ready

Ever have a slow running application and you know you have gone to all extents to make your code run quick. If you don't have a DBA available to performance tune your database then learn how to do it yourself. There are many ways to improve database performance and you will learn them here. The presentation will include examples of slow peroforming queries on large amounts of data. Watch these techniques improve performance 10 times over.

Podcast link:

CFUnited Podcast: Interview with Ben Nadel

CFUnited Podcast: CFUnited Podcast: Interview with Ben Nadel

Hosted by Christian Ready

I sat down with Ben Nadel who was attending his first CFUnited conference! An avid blogger at Kinky Solutions, Ben explained his philosophy of being a perpetual student of ColdFusion and of web development, how the ColdFusion community has benefited him, and on making the transition from procedural to Object-Oriented development.

Podcast link:

CFUnited Podcast: Interview with Mark Drew

CFUnited Podcast: Interview with Mark Drew

Christian Ready sat down with Mark Drew on the first day of CFUnited 2007 to talk about what projects he was up to at the time and what he would be speaking about at CFUnited.

Podcast Link:

CFUnited Podcast: Interview with Kevin Roche - Fusebox framework

CFUnited Podcast: Interview with Kevin Roche - Fusebox framework

Christian Ready sits down with Kevin Roche to talk about his work with the Fusebox framework and his work on the upcoming CFUnited Europe.

Check out the podcast here

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