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I have seen so much enthusiasm at this year's CFUnited I am sure it will be back in some format with someone other than me owning it in the future. If you have suggestions for CFUnited Reloaded let me know commenting to this post, by emailing me or by phone. Perhaps the location needs to change, or the format or something else. Or perhaps you have a suggestion of who might buy and run the event in the future. What ever your ideas I am interested in hearing them Thanks!

michael at teratech dot com
301-424-3903 x110

Hotel Rooms Booking Fast!!

Hello Everyone!

Rooms at Lansdowne are selling like hotcakes! To those of you who have already booked your room - well played. To all the rest, rooms are being reserved way faster than expected. Currently, 83% of the discounted rooms are booked!!

The discount ends March 31st, 2010; after that room rates will increase. Beginning April 1st the rate will jump to $199 per night for a single. Still, this is quite a discount from Lansdowne's regular room rates of $279 per night for a single. I mean really you just can't beat that. We love you Lansdowne!!!!!!

Keep in mind that our Early Bird pricing expires on March 31st, 2010 as well. If you are on the fence, now is the time to make your move!

Register for CFUnited and book your room now!

Announcing the next set of topics!!

Lo and Behold - What You All Have Been Waiting For...


Building Self-Updating ColdFusion Builder Extensions- Brian Rinaldi - This will cover not just the basics of building ColdFusion Builder extensions but will also incorporate a library of components that allow you to make your extension update itself when new versions are released. The library is being built as part of a ADC article to be released in late January. It will even directly link to RIAForge to look for updates.

What Your Mother Never Told You About ColdFusion 9 ORM -Bob Silverberg - The ColdFusion engineering team have made it very easy to make use of Hibernate's ORM features out of the box, but what if you want to do something a bit more complicated? In this session we'll cover some topics that are important to understand, but that might not be that easy to pick up by reading the ColdFusion documentation. These topics will include Hibernate Session Management, Understanding Object States, Working with Detached Objects, Concurrency and Event Handling.

Real World ColdSpring - Kurt Wiersma - Have you ever wondered what ColdSpring is and why you would want to use it? If so this session is for you. We will go over the problems that ColdSpring solves and how you can use it to make your applications better.

CFWheels - Convention over Configuration - Mike Henke - Would discuss how Conventions over Configuration make life easier and use examples from CFWheels.

ColdFusion One Liners - Sam Farmer - ColdFusion is all about making the hard things easy. This topic will explore this concept by showing examples of what can be done with one line of ColdFusion to produce compelling results in AJAX, Rich Internet Applications, Converting Files, PDF and Object-Relational Mapping (ORM).

Practical Ajax Security-Jason Dean - With the introduction of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) over the last several years, it seems that everyone is jumping on the RIA bandwagon. But is any thought being given to what might need to be done to ensure that our Web 2.0 applications are secure? Or are they are not introducing new vulnerabilities into existing applications? In this presentation, we will look at some of the security issues that can arise from introducing Ajax into your applications and about how to mitigate the risks of opening up remote services for Ajax.

How to Read a Stack Trace -Daryl Banttari - Learn how to gather, interpret, and act on Java exception and running-thread stack traces in ColdFusion.

Searching With Apache Solr - Shannon Hicks - Solr is now included with ColdFusion 9, but are you using it to it's full potential? Explore using Solr directly, instead of using CF9's built-in search tags & functions.

Testing and Debugging CF for Flex UIs - Joe Rinehart - When ColdFusion returns an error message to Flex, you're not exactly given a user-friendly error message. Instead, you often have to dig to find out just where the error occurred. Join Joe as he shares lessons learned from four years' of enterprise ColdFusion + Flex RIA development. We'll discover how to use MXUnit and ColdSpring to simulate a running Flex client, how write to automatic Flex tests for your ColdFusion services, and how to see exactly what bytes are travelling between your ColdFusion server and Flex clients. After this session, you'll be able to write ColdFusion RIAs with less bugs, and spend less time fixing problems when they do occur!

We are back at Lansdowne for 2010!

Big Announcement! Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back...

Last year was so nice, we are going to do it twice! That's right everyone, we have been invited back to the AAA Four-Diamond Award-Winning Lansdowne Resort for CFUnited 2010 and we have RSVP-ed with a resounding, YES!

I mean really, how could we resist? We are looking forward to seeing the faces of the friendly and accommodating staff, checking in to the sumptuously appointed guest rooms and suites, learning and networking in the award-winning conference facility, and getting in some playtime on the championship golf course and sparkling aquatic complex. Only the best for us please! Stay tuned for the code to book your hotel room at a discounted rate, we will be sharing the room block information shortly. Please let us know right away if you are interested in room sharing this year so we can begin putting something in the works. We have locked down the resort for July 28th - July 31st, 2010.

But wait, there's more! There were a lot of people who contacted us because they have wanted to register but needed to have exact dates/location in order to. For those people who missed out on the last early bird because they were waiting for this announcement, we are going to be offering the 11/30/09 early bird price from now until Monday 12/21/2009 at midnight. To take advantage of this offer, use the code EBEXT50, when you register.

We are so thrilled to be back at Lansdowne! 2009 was truly special thanks to the location, but you don't have to take our word for it. Here are some comments we got after last year that really convinced us to come back for 2010...

"And the location... one word, unparalleled. I mean, this place was a gem waiting to be discovered. I'm going to reserve the majority of this blog post just to talk about the conference center / hotel. Not that the sessions don't deserve more attention (they were beyond my expectations), but after all the previous CFUnited conferences I've been to (which were great), I never realized how much better an event can be just with subtle improvements at an event location." - Jeff Coughlin

"I really can't say enough good things about the location. The Lansdowne Resort was a beautiful location, it had great rooms, amazing food - and snacks and drinks were available all day, every day! - incredibly helpful staff and a good bar." - Sean Corfield

"Comfy room, lap pool, play pools, plenty of space to hang about, etc. There are advantages to being closer in to DC, but I'd come back here again, for sure. In particular, the outdoor patio was perfect for the evenings, and it was remarkably pleasant outside after the sun went down." - Barney Boisvert

CFUnited $499 special early bird price ends Sept 25!

We are opening 200 tickets at $499 for the 3 day price. But we also have to cut it off September 25th. So tell your friends who didn't have the opportunity to go this year. It is more affordable than ever. Once you have your ticket, that's half the battle!

2010 will rock and you might just be surprised that we will be able to make it even better.

The event will take place in August and will be in the DC metro area. We will announce the exact location and dates in the upcoming weeks. If you register now and upon announcement the venue and dates do not work for you we will refund your registration, so there is no risk in taking advantage of the early bird price.

There is only one more week left to take advantage of our lowest registration packages, register while the offer is still available!

Community Achievement Awards/ 4CFF - Thursday at 1pm

Community Achievement Awards Ceremony will take place at 1pm in the Assembly room. After wards the 4CFF team will be doing a talk.

Demo Mania

Its Demo Mania!!! (formerly known as "Demo Derby", but the name was misunderstood)

At CFUnited, on Friday August 14th, we will have a series of Demos from anyone in the community willing to show off their their cool app in 7 minutes or less.

Fill out this survey to enter.

Not everyone will be accepted but everyone will be mentioned

How your app makes it on stage: Must be new. Must be cool. Must be able to demo in a short amount of time.

Types of Projects include: Website Apps, Air Apps, iPhone Apps

Oh yeah, You must be attending the conference to enter and watch ;-)

New Topic - Janine Driver, The Lyin Tamer

Do you have it all?

I brought in a celebrity to speak at CFUnited. I saw Janine Driver in DC in June and she's hilarious and has a ton of great tips for business professionals. She will show you how to climb the ladder in your career. She's trained many in the government and law enforcement agencies, now she's reaching to business professionals like us. (See the link to her recent TV show appearances below)

For all you "LIE TO ME" show fans: Janine Driver's mentor is Dr. Paul Ekman, the inspiration behind the new hit TV show.

Her topic is "The New Executive Presence"

Speaking Times:
Thu. 3:15PM-4:15PM
Fri. 9:00AM-10:00AM

Janine Driver, Body Language Contributor for NBC's The Today Show, has been dubbed the "Lyin' Tamer" and that's L-Y-I-N Tamer because...she knows when people are lying! Janine is a world-renowned body language expert, international speaker, author and life coach. She has been seen on the Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, CNN, the History Channel, ESPN, Fox News Live and many more. She is the author of The Masters of Success and will release her second book with Crown Publishing, "YOU SAY MORE THAN YOU THINK: A 7- Day Plan on How to Use the New Body Language to Get What You Want", February 2010. Janine's background is as fascinating as the subject matter she teaches. By day, she spent more than a decade as an award- winning Federal Law Enforcement Officer for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), training 30,000+ cops, lawyers and judges in the fine art of separating fact from fiction. By night, she thrilled audiences as a stand up comic who shared the stage with Chris Rock, Robin Williams and Ray Romano. Today, Janine teaches her recently de-classified body language strategies to thousands of businesses around the globe! Her motto: "If I can teach cops to get the bad guys to confess, then I can teach YOU to easily get the people in your life to say 'YES'!"

Watch videos of her recent appearances on TV

I decided to bring in something a little different to this conference. I hope everyone enjoy this rare experience.

Saturday Repeat Schedule Announced

We have announced the topics that will be repeated on Saturday, August 15th at CFUnited! you can now fill in your scheduler to reserve your seat in that session. Topics were picked based on most popularly selected sessions during the main event. Also, based on which speakers are available on Saturday.

Final CFUnited Early Bird ends June 30th 2009

The final CFUnited early bird rates will expire on June 30th 2009, only 4 weeks away! After June 30th the 3 day and 4 day packages will go up by $100 and the Saturday only package will go up by $50

For more pricing details visit

To register visit

Once you are registered you can log in to the scheduler app and sign up for sessions.

The Lansdowne Resort & Conference Center is 70% full, visit to book your rooms and learn more about the venue.

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