We encourage extended learning for full time students to attend CFUnited. We offer a discount of 60% off the current price. Submit your semester schedule and school name to us and we will send approval within 48 hours.

We understand those who have fallen into hard times and we believe it shouldn't keep you from finding new opportunities. We especially believe CFUnited is a place to find open doors and a way to connect with others. It is our hope that we can help up to 10 individuals improve their careers and create a new path by making it more affordable to attend CFUnited. The first 10 approved for this program will receive free tickets and the others who are approved will receive a 60% discount. You may nominate someone else to receive this offer. We will need a letter to CFUnited management stating how CFUnited can help their career and talk about their passion for ColdFusion.

We hope everyone is doing well in their careers and we are always looking for ideas on how to bring more opportunities to CFUnited for our attendees. Any suggestions, please comment on blog post. Thanks!