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CFUnited Express Atlanta April 15th

Hello Atlanta! We are coming back to your home town.

Only $149

Register now!

It will be held at the RoundBox offices on April 15th.

We will have coffee, snacks, lunch, and lots of free stuff. Including a CF8 tag poster for each person. Lots of prizes and software to give away. Even a free ticket to CFUnited. More speakers will be announced soon. So far we have Charlie Arehart, Josh Adams, Douglas Knudsen, and Andrew Powell. Stay tuned!

REMEMBER, when you register at an express event you can use 100% of your registration as a discount towards CFUnited's main event in August.

CFUnited Express Bay Area event Friday!

We are very excited about hosting CFUnited Express Bay Area on Friday at the JW Marriott in San Francisco. This is a must attend event for any ColdFusion, Flex or Air developer in the area.

There will be seven different sessions given by some of the industries top names. Topics include:

Design Patterns and ColdFusion Presented By Sean Corfield

Hidden Gems in CF8 Presented By Charlie Arehart

Introduction to Flex with ColdFusion Presented By Matt Chotin

Offline/Online Features of AIR Presented By Tony Hillerson

Pragmatic ColdFusion: Build, Test, Deploy Presented By John Paul Ashenfelter

Test Driven Development Presented By Paul Kenney

Using your Whole Brain for Developers Presented By Michael Smith

The sessions will start at 9:30 am, so if you have not registered come a little early and you can register on site, or just visit

To learn more about CFUnited Express visit

CFUnited Express Bay Area - New Topic (Paul Kenney)

November 9th in San Francisco at the JW Marriott. Be there!

"Test Driven Development"

Presented By Paul Kenney

For many folks, the idea of taking a test-first approach to development means writing lots of unit tests for every aspect of an application. In truth, test driven development is much more and represents a completely different paradigm for building applications. This session gives you the key concepts behind test driven development and provides a number of practices and tools which make the test-first approach accessible to ColdFusion developers today.

To learn more about CFUnited Express Bay Area and other topics go to:

CFUnited Express Bay Area new speaker/topic - AIR

Tony Hillerson will be replacing Simon Horwith at the CFUnited Express Bay Area on November 9th. His topic will cover "Offline/Online features of AIR" - use cases, how to do it with LocalSharedObjects, Files, and SQLLite.

We are excited to have Tony join us in San Francisco. Thanks!

Event details:

November 9th 2007

Location: JW Marriott 500 Post Street corner of Post and Mason San Francisco, California 94102 USA

Other topics:

Tony Hillerson - "Offline/Online Features of AIR"

Charlie Arehart - "Hidden Gems in CF8"

Michael Smith - "Using your Whole Brain for Developers"

Paul Kenney - "Session 4 - TBA"

Sean Corfield - "Design Patterns and ColdFusion"

John Paul Ashenfelter - "Pragmatic ColdFusion: Build, Test, Deploy"

Matt Chotin - "Introduction to Flex with ColdFusion"

CFUnited Express Chicago Review - Dana Tierney

Please enjoy this review by Dana Tierney for HOF

Thanks Dana, we are glad you enjoyed your experience at CFUnited Express. Hope we see you again soon. -Liz

Update: Ray Camden's CFUnited Chicago topic

The CFUnited Express Chicago topic for Ray Camden has been switched to 1pm-2pm instead of occurring at 4pm. That means Shlomy will be speaking at 4pm-5pm

Both topics are a "treat"! See everyone on Sunday!

Updated schedule here


CFUnited Express Denver to be held in April

Thats right! CFUnited Express is planning to make a stop at Denver in April 2008. We are very excited about the location and look forward to bringing the CFUnited experience to Denver. CFUnited speaker Nate Nelson is helping us out as the local speaker.

Stay tuned for more updates as they come.

CFUnited Express Bay Area Speakers

CFUnited on the west coast! Finally.

This one day event is being held at the JW Marriott in San Francisco, November 9th. Full of excellent speakers and great topics. We are bringing to you a taste of CFUnited along with all the fun give-aways and prizes.

Speakers and Topics:

Sean Corfield - "Design Patterns and ColdFusion"

John Paul Ashenfelter - "Pragmatic ColdFusion: Build, Test, Deploy"

Matt Chotin - "Introduction to Flex with ColdFusion"

Charlie Arehart - "Hidden Gems in CF8"

Simon Horwith - TBA

Michael Smith - TBA

Paul Kenney - TBA

The event is $349 through September 30th and $450 after.

CFUnited 2008 Discount

If you register for CFUnited Express Bay Area before October 31st you can use 100% of your registration towards CFUnited 2008 in DC! after that you can only use 50% of your registration cost towards CFUnited 2008!


Please contact your local user group manager or contact events (at) to learn about how to get discounts off the conference price.

CFUnited Express Chicago $149 expires today

CFUnited Express is $149 until midnight tonight!

This Pre-MAX one-day event is going to be full of great topics and speakers. Tons of goodies and time to network with peers. See you September 30th in Chicago!

-After today the regular price is $199

Register now!

Direct link to registration

Or go to for more information

If you need discount information contact your local user group manager or events (a)

Sept 30th Pre-MAX CFunited Express Chicago TOPICS

Going to Adobe's MAX? Meet up with other ColdFusion developers and talk with gurus before the big event.

September 30th, 2007 8am-5pm
Ascend Training facility in Chicago

CFUnited Express Chicago is $149 through August 31st and $199 after. Contact info @ for user group discount and information.

Here are the current sponsors and speakers for CFUnited Express Chicago!
Adobe User Groups donates a free copy of CF8 Standard to raffle.
ColdFusion Developer's Journal is our media sponsor this year.
Ascend Training Facility is the oldest Adobe Authorized Training facility based in Chicago.
TeraTech Programming brings CFUnited to Chicago and is ready to help you solve your ColdFusion needs.


Ajax and ColdFusion 8
Presented By Raymond Camden
How ColdFusion 8 makes Ajax as easy as pie. And not just any pie, but home cooked, piping hot, apple pie with a scoop of ice cream next to it, and none of the low fat crap, but REAL ice cream.

COOP - Dehydrated Page Processing
Presented By John Farrar
DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself). COOP is a mix of perhaps the simplest way to process web forms/pages and the most powerful! More power and less work? Customize it! Control it! Extend it! Separation of processing and markup that will make you think about how little thinking this takes.

Hidden Gems in CF8
Presented By Charlie Arehart
Prepare to be surprised! In this talk, veteran CFML developer Charlie Arehart will introduce a few dozen little hidden gems coming up in CF8 (Scorpio). Sure, we've all heard about the big features, but in every release there are lots of little things, and in CF8 especially, Adobe has pulled out the stops! Come see if some long-standing problem has been solved, or learn of some new technique that's become available. You may be surprised at all the little things you may have missed!

How Amazon S3 and EC2 Saved My Marriage
Presented By Adam Howitt
Learn how to use Amazon's S3 service to host static files and how you can build a scaleable architecture with EC2 from just $75 per month. Adam will walk through code examples for sending files to S3, demonstrate some of the tools you can use to manage S3 files and then show you how to boot up Amazon servers to handle temporary increases in load.

Amazon S3 (simple storage service) is a flexible, cheap way to host files on Amazon's infrastructure to speed up the delivery of the static elements of your web pages. Amazon EC2 (elastic compute cloud) is a beta service offered to allow you to boot virtual servers on Amazon's infrastructure to handle surges in traffic or provide extra processing power on demand.

Introducing the CF Administrator
Presented By Charlie Arehart
Whether you're new to CF or have been using it a while, if you've wished you understood more about the ColdFusion Administrator, this bootcamp session is for you. Veteran CFML developer Charlie Arehart will review and discuss the key features of the Admin and how to use them, including CF performance and security features.

Presented By Shlomy Gantz

Using your Whole Brain for Developers
Presented By Michael Smith
Recently Dan Pink's book "A Whole New Mind" suggested that the era of "left brain" dominance, and the Information Age that it engendered, are giving way to a new world in which "right brain" qualities-inventiveness, empathy, meaning-predominate. We will discuss ways to leverage both sides of your brain for better development including such techniques as mindmapping, FLiP, personas and more.

CFUnited Express Chicago

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