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CFUnited Audio MP3s available now!

Hi CFUnited 2007 Attendees! You can now login and access the audio for most topics. We are still collecting some more recordings, but for now we've release what's available.

Step 1: go to the hompage and type in email address and password.

Step 2: click on "topics" and scroll down to the presentation you want to download. Each presentation is roughly 40-70MB.

Step 3: listen to the presentation

For non-attendees, we will make these audio recordings available for purchase very soon.

FYI, all Videos are coming soon. We conducted a screen capture with audio overlay so you can view what the presenter is doing on the screen instead of just seeing the presenters face. This will be available soon to purchase at an affordable price for all videos. Please keep an eye on this blog for future details.

**next cfunited event: CFUnited Express Chicago! Sept 30th

Videos and Audio Coming Soon

We're in the process of moving our servers so we can provide the video and audio of this year's conference for our attendees and those who could not attend the conference.

It should be available shortly.

CFUnited 2007 Preview: Patrick Quinn on Application Server Analytics

In this 20-30 minute session, Patrick Quinn will preview his one-hour class on Application Server Analytics (ASA), an evolving niche in Web-based software development. It consists of a combination of tools and methodologies for real-time monitoring and troubleshooting of Web sites and applications. The goal of ASA is to improve performance and stability (and thus uptime) for Web applications by helping developers and systems administrators "see" application server internals much more clearly, and also by allowing for much easier use of ASA metrics to fix and even prevent problems..

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CFUnited 2007 Preview: Charlie Arehart on New in CFMX 6&7: What Did You Miss?

Planning to move to CF8? Did you skip either 6 or 7? Or have you perhaps installed and been running on them but doing little or no new development? Were you paying attention as all the new features (and folks' experiences using them) were being shared? There may be a lot you've missed. Veteran CFML developer Charlie Arehart will introduce both the key features introduced in those releases as well as many hidden gems. It's surprising how many little things get slipped into releases, and point releases, and sometimes it's those which can be as important to you as any prominent feature. In his typical encyclopedic but pragmatic style, Charlie will help you make the most out of features you may have missed. Of course, this is just a 20- minute preview of what is in fact a day-long course. But it will give a taste of what's to expect and will provide value in and of itself.

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CFUnited 2007 Preview: Oguz Demirkapi on Multi Language Apps in CF, Theory and Practice

In this 20-30 minute session, Oguz Demirkapi will preview his day-long class which will explain the theory of creating multi-language applications and methods in ColdFusion with best practices. The main goals of this class are explaining multi-language applications theory, defining requirements and solutions, and providing best practices with direct coding in class.

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CFUnited 2007 Preview: Mark Drew on CFEClipse Plus!

In this 20-30 minute session, Mark Drew will preview his one-hour class, CFEClipse Plus!, presenting how to use some advanced features in CFEclipse, with an in-depth look at modifying the libraries to add your own tags, using ant as part of your development process and demonstrations of the new features in CFEclipse. This presentation is geared towards current users of CFEclipse.

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CFUnited 2007 Preview: Simon Horwith on Architecting and Optimizing CF Applications for Performance

How do you build an application that scales? What exactly is scalability, anyway? How does one measure performance and how do you identify performance and maintenance bottlenecks?

In this preview of his day-long class, Simon will introduce the things he'll be discussing on the day, where students will learn about common scalability and performance problems, and how to solve them. In the full day, we'll examine the coding and architecture choices that make maintenance easier, optimize database access, and optimize the runtime performance of your CF applications. Students will learn how to architect a well-designed ColdFusion application and how to review and optimize code, with special emphasis on avoiding common scalability and performance problems.

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CFUnited 2007 Preview: Rob Gonda: Flex Intensive for ColdFusion Dev

In this 20-30 minute preview, Rob will give us a taste of his full day hands-on Flex course, which requires no previous Flex experience. The class promises to be fun, energetic, and saturated with information, examples, and code. It will focus not only on Flex architecture, but also teach you to organize your ColdFusion code in such fashion that you can reuse your business layer across any front-end, including Html, Ajax, Flash, or Flex.

About Rob Gonda:

Rob Gonda is the CTO for iChameleon Group and Editor-in-Chief of the AJAX Developer's Journal. He is an Advanced Certified Coldfusion Developer, member of the Adobe Community Experts, frequent contributor to the CFDJ and ADJ, frequent speaker at IT and developer conferences nationwide, co-author of Real-World Ajax, author of ajaxCFC, holds a BS in computer science and engineering, an MBA with a specialization in entrepreneurship, and he specializes in Rich Internet Applications and object-oriented architecture. You can reach him at rob[at]robgonda[dot]com and read his blog is at

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CFUnited 2007 Preview: Peter Bell on Practical Code Generation by Example

In this 20-30 minute session, Peter Bell will preview his day-long class which will show how to generate sophisticated custom business applications - quickly, maintainably and extensibly. It doesn't matter whether you are procedural or object oriented - whether you use simple queries or stored procedures, whether you are an intermediate programmer or a guru. If you would like to spend more time solving new problems and less time writing the same old code, his day-long class will change the way you think about your job. Whether you've been generating code for years or are completely new to the concept, you will learn practical techniques and see real world examples that will allow you to significantly improve your skills. He'll preview how in each section we will use practical code examples that you can use in your real world applications while explaining important principles that will allow you to write more powerful, extensible and maintainable code.

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CFUNITED alumni - MP3 Audio Available

Since we couldn't get the MP3s onto a DVD for CFUNITED 2006, we are making them available online. NOW.

If you were an alumni for 2006, go to

Log in with your user name and password from the event.

If you did not attend, you can purchase the video package, which will get you: The conference bookbag plus materials Conference Videos with powerpoint Conference Sound recordings Purchase at and click on "purchase them"