Q: Will there be a MAX this year?

Ben Forta: We're still working through it, we do plan a conference, but details are not finalized yet. Part of what we need to figure out is who the conference is for, and what products it should cover. With the merger with Adobe there are over 70 products in our product line, and so we need to figure which to include, and the type of coverage that each should get. I'd expect that we end up doing something similar to MAX, a company conference dedicated to many of our products, explaining high level direction and vision, providing sneaks at future products, and so on. And that is important to note. When Allaire's DevCon became Macromedia's MAX, some attendees found that there was not as much coverage of specific products as they'd have liked. The truth is there is no way we could create a dedicated DevCon type event for each product. MAX was a Macromedia conference, not a Flash or ColdFusion conference. But there is also a need for those product specific events, conferences than get dedicated far more time to specific products, and that is why we sponsor other events, like CFUNITED for ColdFusion and FlashForward for Flash.