• Are you behind the times on objects and ORM?
  • Want to learn new ways to handle data in your application?
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Then join us for this free webinar on moving from CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) hand coding all your SQL to DAL (database abstraction layer) using libraries and objects to move the data in and out of your database.
Headaches from database coding got you down?

We will cover

The recent State of the CF Union survey show that only a third of respondents use ORM or other DAL.

The webinar on "From CRUD to DAL and ORM in ColdFusion" is on Wednesday, March 6,2013 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST (10am - 11am PST and 6pm - 7pm GMT). The webinar will be an overview on how you can utilize existing solutions to do the repetitive "CRUD" operations for you leaving you free to concentrate on the more complex parts of your code. The two solutions we'll be looking at DataMgr and the native ORM capabilities of ColdFusion 9 and Railo 3.3. It will be approximately 60 minutes including time for Q and A. The webinar is free. You can register at https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/153049345 See you there!

DataMgr could be viewed as a competitor to an ORM approach - though it doesn't require the same types of interactions. While ORM solutions effectively change the perspective of development from database to object, DataMgr maintains the database perspective, but makes common database interaction code more concise and powerful.

ColdFusion ORM (Object relational mapping) is a programming framework that allows you to define a mapping between application object model and the relational database. In an object model, the application objects are not aware of the database structure. Objects have properties and references to other objects. Databases consist of tables with columns that maybe related to other tables. ORM provides a bridge between the relational database and the object model and in addition provides Database vendor independence,Caching, Concurrency and Performance optimization

John Whish has been working with ColdFusion since version 4.5. He is the author of the ColdFusion ORM book and has spoken at cf.Objective() and the Scotch on the Rocks conference on several occasions. To find out more about John visit www.aliaspooryorik.com

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Mac®-based attendees
Required: Mac OS® X 10.5 or newer

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