Hi everyone,

I know you have all been drooling over these much-anticipated sessions...so I'm going to cut to the chase...

1. Easy RIA with ColdFusion 9 and Flex 4 - Josh Adams - If you're interested in getting started using ColdFusion and Flex together but aren't sure quite how, this is the session for you. In this session, you will learn about: *The various ways in which Flex applications can make calls to ColdFusion applications *Using the features of Flash Builder 4 and ColdFusion Builder to generate Flex-ColdFusion integrated applications *Calling the ColdFusion 9 Exposed Services Layer from Flex applications

2. ColdFusion Powered Offline Applications using AIR ORM - Jayesh Viradiya - ColdFusion 9 simplifies the creation of offline enabled applications with Adobe AIR. In this session learn how to utilize the client side, ActionScript ORM library available with ColdFusion 9 for client side data management and allow ColdFusion to manage data synchronization and conflict resolution with the back-end database.

3.ColdFusion 9 Deployment Best Practices - Tata Sankaram - How you configure and lay out your ColdFusion servers is critical for optimum application performance. In this session learn best practices for setting up your production environment for load balancing, clustering, and graceful server failover.

4.Task Oriented development with ColdFusion Builder - Kiran Sakhare - Discover how you can streamline your ColdFusion application development with ColdFusion Builder and Mylyn, a task and application lifecycle management plug-in for Eclipse. This session will cover installing the Mylyn plug-in and managing tasks in a ColdFusion project.

5.Getting Started with ColdFusion Builder - Sandeep Paliwal - In this session learn how to get started with your first application in ColdFusion Builder. We will cover the basics of Eclipse-based development as well as ColdFusion Builder specifics including connecting to your ColdFusion server, working with databases and debugging.

6.Extending Java Applications with ColdFusion - Rupesh Kumar - ColdFusion is designed to be used in conjunction with Java, leveraging the powerful capabilities that the Java runtime offers while providing the benefit of rapid application development. In this session learn how you can easily utilize ColdFusion 9 to quickly expand and leverage the functionality of existing Java applications.

7.Exploring LCDS3 and ColdFusion 9 Applications - Kevin Schmidt - This session will provide an overview of LCDS 3 and BlazeDS 4 and how it integrates into ColdFusion 9 applications. We'll talk about what's changed in Flash Remoting since ColdFusion 8 (it's 9x faster) and how to leverage the built-in functionality of BlazeDS. We will also cover server-side data management and how LCDS3 can simplify how Flex applications manage data through ColdFusion.

8.How Catalyst will Transform ColdFusion Development - Terry Ryan - Catalyst makes front end design easy. More importantly it makes pretty front end design easy. If there ever was a compliment for ColdFusion's ease of back end development, it's the ease of front end with Catalyst. See how this tool can be brought into your workflow and super charge your development.

9.Building multi-player games on the Flash platform with ColdFusion, Flex and Data services - Greg Wilson - Learn how to build scalable, interactive, multiplayer games using the Flex, AIR, ColdFusion and BlazeDS/LCDS. Employ publish/subscribe messaging, CF remoting and other tricks to build something far cooler than just another multi-user chat application. Synchronize graphics across players, learn how to handle player disconnect, reconnects, tolerate poor networking conditions, latency, etc.

10.Adding real-time data visualization to your application or website - Greg Wilson - Every time your application accesses the server, data is available to do many more things than simple logging. Learn how to take this data and create valuable visualizations to show usage trends in real-time. Then with some simple IP to Geo techniques, the data can be visualized with maps to show visitor locations. Learn to use ColdFusion's event gateway to publish the data and use Flex to consume the data and visualize it with various mapping APIs from Google, ESRI, Mapquest and others to build compelling, animated application dashboards.

Well...there you have it! Make sure you schedule these ASAP!

Also, if you have yet to register, this is the most perfect excuse :)