Sandra Clark has been developing ColdFusion applications since 1997 and speaking about ColdFusion, CSS and Accessibility since 2001. She is a passionate advocate on applying accepted and proven web standards to development as a way of creating websites that are usable by all people. Sandra currently works with AboutWeb as a contractor to the National Institutes of Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg, MD.

CFUnited session: Accessible Javascript

1. Have you spoken at CFUnited in the past?

I've spoken at CFUNITED since it was CFUN. I think my first speaking engagement there was 2002. I've spoken at every CFUNITED with the exception of 2009.

2. Why should people attend your sessions?

There are a lot of exciting updates in the world of Accessibility. The Section 508 refresh is out for public comment at this time and when that becomes law (hopefully by the end of this year), then RIA's will be able to meet the 508 criteria for the first time.

3. Do you have any projects in the works that you will be revealing at CFUnited?

None at the moment.

4. Besides your topic, what other sessions are you looking forward to?

I'm looking forward to Christian Ready's HTML 5 talk. I haven't done much with it yet and I'm eager to learn more. Bob Silverberg's ORM talks are always great. There are so many great talks, I can't possibly list them all. Hopefully I won't be talking at the same time as the ones I really want to see!

6. Where can people find you at CFUnited?

I'm all over the place. Its hard to miss me, since I'm one of the few female speakers. Come over, introduce yourself and lets talk!

7. What's the latest news with you? Has anything changed since last CFUnited?

After 7 years, I switched companies. I am now employed by About Web, which is a great company. I get to work and hang out with some really smart Programmers, which I really enjoy. I'm also back at the National Institutes of Standards and Technology which I love as well.

8. What is unique about CFUnited?

The people. I think the best thing about CFUNITED is the people it attracts, both as conference goers and speakers. I always come out of the conference with new ideas and more things I want to learn.

9. What do you like to do in your free time?

Anyone on my Facebook account can tell you that. I've really gotten into local and seasonal eating this past year. I've started preserving my own food (control issues, this way I know what is going into my food). I'm also trying to exercise more and spend less time on the computer.