Hi everyone,

I'm here to inform you of some of our much-anticipated TBA topics!!

Adobe has let us in on a few of their topics!!

Check them out...

Building multi-player games on the Flash Platform with ColdFusion, Flex and Data Services - Greg Wilson: Learn how to build scalable, interactive, multiplayer games using the Flex, AIR, ColdFusion and BlazeDS/LCDS. Employ publish/subscribe messaging, CF remoting and other tricks to build something far cooler than just another multi-user chat application. Synchronize graphics across players, learn how to handle player disconnect, reconnects, tolerate poor networking conditions, latency, etc.

Adding Real-Time Data Visualization to your Application or Website - Greg Wilson: Every time your application accesses the server, data is available to do many more things than simple logging. Learn how to take this data and create valuable visualizations to show usage trends in real-time. Then with some simple IP to Geo techniques, the data can be visualized with maps to show visitor locations. Learn to use ColdFusion's event gateway to publish the data and use Flex to consume the data and visualize it with various mapping APIs from Google, ESRI, Mapquest and others to build compelling, animated application dashboards.

Check back in with us, as there will be more to come from Adobe!