Hello Atlanta friends! We can wait to see you in a couple days! RoundBox Offices are generous enough to give us space for this event. Its a great facility and I have lots of free stuff and gifts in store for everyone.

Here is the parking information for everyone:


Due to business hour parking restrictions at the King Plow Arts Center, our normal evening event parking at Entrance 3 is restricted. Please use our free Daytime Event Parking Area at Entrance 9 (see map below). It is about a block?s walk away from our building. Please use the crosswalk at Joseph E Lowery to get to the West side of the street. Roundbox Global is not located in the main building complex at the King Plow Arts Center. The Roundbox Global offices are located in Suite 100 of the 981 Joseph E Lowery Building which is directly across Marietta Street from the main King Plow Arts Building. The entrance is on the Marietta Street side of the building.

PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT park in any spots that are reserved. If you park in a spot that has been marked by a sign that says restricted, you will be towed.

Here are some photos to help you