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AIR: Building Desktop Applications with Flex 3
Presented By Rob Rusher, On3Solutions
This course is designed to equip experienced Adobe Flex developers with the skills needed to begin developing robust desktop applications using Adobe AIR.

CF/LCDS integration
Presented By Kevin Hoyt, Adobe
You already know you can build amazing Flex applications on top of the inherent extensibility in ColdFusion. Welcome to RIA! Now what? Did you account for maintaining data synchronization across clients? Conflict resolution? What happens to the data in your RIA if the server or network goes away? Remoting with AMF is fast, sure, but how does that relate to millions of records in your database? All these problems and more get solved in this session on integrating LiveCycle DS with ColdFusion.

Component Lifecycle in Flex 3
Presented By RJ Owen, EffectiveUI
In this session we will explore in depth exactly what happens every time a component is created and rendered in Flex. We'll dive straight into everything about components from the events that are dispatched to the methods that are called and explain in depth how the framework creates and manages your components. Armed with this knowledge you'll be able to take advantage of aspects of the component life cycle you never knew existed, helping you build components that respond faster and waste less memory.

Database Tips, Tricks, & Secrets
Presented By Nate Nelson
Have you ever wanted to know how those strange database experts are able to do their job without going insane? This session will cover some heavily used database tips, tricks, and secrets from multiple database platforms. These tips are have been used first hand and compiled for you in one presentation. Every developer that has any interaction with a database should find this session of value.

Tuning The Java Virtual Machine - (JVM)
Presented By Mike Brunt, Webapper
What Is The JVM? - Sun Microsystems created Java as a high-level programming language which should run on as many operating systems and hardware variations as possible. The goal of "write once run anywhere" meant that a predictable encapsulated operating system, no matter what the underlying hardware and software, was required. In this presentation we will explore techniques evolved over many years for optimally tuning the Sun JVM.

WholeSum Performance: Build the Fastest Web Applications On Earth
Presented By Patrick Quinn, Webapper
At Webapper, we've been tuning and troubleshooting ColdFusion systems as long as anyone, and our SeeFusion product is in use on thousands of production servers around the world. And recently, we've begun to codify all of this vast experience into a "big picture" of ColdFusion performance--literally a diagram of all the elements of performance and stability in a ColdFusion application. In short, when it comes to performance and stability, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts that make them up. And avoiding "red-herrings" is as important as diagnosing root causes. Come to this session to see our big picture, and to learn how all the parts fit together, how to prioritize your tuning and troubleshooting efforts, and more.