You know you will be at CFUnited 2010 if...

1. Hearing Ben Forta call CFUNITED, "the premier CF-specific event" makes you feel like part of the cool kids club.

2. Schmoozing with speakers late-night at the bar is on the top of your to do list.

3. You have the honor and valor to serve the community. Get broken down and built back up soldier-style at CF Boot Camp. Sir, yes Sir!

4. You are jones-ing for a Flex fix.

5. Trying to have a technical conversation with the common everyman is pointless and you long to be with people who "get it."

6. Your boss who knows that when you return to the office from CFUnited you will give the company a competitive edge armed with with the latest and greatest in CF, Flex, and Air - making you the ace in the hole.

7. Insert your reason here. Of the many reason not to miss CFUnited 2010, we would love to hear yours! Send us a tweet or leave a comment below.

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