Someone recently tried out the new profile picture feature on the Edit Registration page, uploading a 2MB photo of a baby, only to get an error page after clicking save. Doh!

This seems to be particularly noticeable on large files. If you attempt to delete the source image immediately after the resize you'll get an error message like:

ColdFusion could not delete the file D:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Sites\cfunited-register\public\uploads\3aa33aec20c440-CBCB50D9-15C5-E0D8-8AA0B3D9C8746D18-39825.JPG for an unknown reason.

The CF 8.0.1 Hot Fix solves this problem. (Thanks Jeff Coughlin)

Anyway, I'm not sure which attendee this profile picture belongs to, but the baby sure is cute.

(PS. BlogCFC ate the previous post, as in it vanished after I hit "Save", so sorry about comment removal and a repost!)

Uploaded Baby Photo