Here are the 2 keynote sessions: CFUnited Keynote - Ben Forta URL for Viewing:

CFUnited Keynote - Michael Smith

Some of the presentations got recorded.

Shlomy Gantz 10 Steps to ruin a CF project

Raymond Camden Ajax and CF

Jeremy Kadlec Building Advanced Search Capabilities for your website with SQL Server

Steve Nelson Building Google Maps Applications with ColdFusion

Sam Farmer Intro to CFML as a language

Peter Bell RAD OO

Peter Bell Building CFCs

Mark Drew Coldspring: Better living through configuration

Scott Stroz Creating Images With Flex and ColdFusion (no audio)

Chaz Chumley Dynamic Presentation using ColdFusion

Raymond Camden Part II: Ajax and CF

Bill Shelton Patterns for ColdFusion Test Automation

Charlie Arehart CF8 Server Monitor Introduction

Shlomy Gantz Databases 101

Matthew Woodward Head First Mach-II

Hal Helms Object Oriented Best Practices

Dave Powell Skinning your Flex Applications

Sandy Clark Accessibility and Rich Internet Applications

Tyler Fitch Basic ColdFusion Application Debugging

Tom Jordahl BlazeDS and LiveCycle Data Services for ColdFusion 8

Phill Nacelli Leveraging Basic Object Oriented Concepts in ColdFusion

Oguz Demirkap1 Multi Lingual (i18N) ColdFusion Applications

Selene Bainum Report Queries with SQL Server