CF Meetup: Unit Testing w/MXUnit - Part 2: In Action or In The Weeds, with Bill Shelton

Thursday, April 10, 2008 at 12:00 PM

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Organized by Charlie Arehart

Description: In the second part of the series we'll continue by reviewing the installation for MXUnit and basic unit testing. We'll then delve into more detail by presenting more complex examples and some advanced concepts. We will show you how to automate your development tasks, increase efficiency, and develop a higher level of quality in your code.

This will include automation: using MXUnit Ant task to run tests, using Ant to deploy your code, and concepts of continuous integration. We'll further show you how you can extend MXUnit to easily add your own custom assertions or alter the existing ones without altering the MXUnit framework code.

Time permitting we'll discuss some of the hard questions related to unit testing in general, not just in the ColdFusion world: how to test private methods, how to handle external resources like databases, and what Mock objects, fixtures, and scaffolding are and how they might be used.

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