John Farrar

John Farrar talks about his CFUnited presentation on jQuery/CF Integration & CF Powered Traffic Optimization.

Is this your first time speaking at CFUnited?

John I have spoke at the Frameworks conference and CFU Chicago.

Why should people attend your session?

John jQ+CF: jQuery is slim and powerful. Integration with CF can make coding AJAX pages zesty when you use jQuery. During this session we will cover the benefits of jQuery, showing how to connect to both CFCs and REST based services, and showing how to wrap up jQuery features with ColdFusion for simpler and faster delivery and integration.

WSO: SEO is very important. That is how you get someone to your site. WSO is how you keep them there and get them to act on why you wanted them to come there. Tracking, testing and knowing what works will be the result of ColdFusion based web site optimization.

Will people see anything new at your session?

John jQ+CF: YES! We will show shhhh (we will be showing a NUMBER of special jQuery releases!... grid, plotting, and more... shhh, I didn't tell you. This is a secret.). WSO:

We will be releasing an Open Source library that should work with about any framework. This will be built on several other successful concepts and will make optimization just plain simple.

What is the highlight of your session?

JohnThis is like asking what the highlight of ColdFusion is! Smile emoticon

(Other points...) Can you tell us about your session?

jQ+CF: For those who missed Hal's class, this will give you an idea why you should have attended it. Prototype made JS AJAX a reality. jQuery was the first trim agile superstar. It continues to pave the way and beginners and experienced web developers will find this session inspiring. You will learn how to AJAX and interact with your pages in jaw dropping cool ways.

WSO: Learn how to be profitable or know how profitable you are rather than just being found. Web site optimization is about changing visitor bounces into visitor conversions. Reach your goals, know what will help you reach your goals, try out new ideas and rate the success. Try out several ideas at the same time and compare them.