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Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day from all of us at CFUnited! We want to encourage everyone to take some time and appreciate the Earth. Think of ways you can start being more green.

As we announced a few weeks ago CFUnited is going green for this years conference. We will be doing everything we can to be environmentally friendly throughout the event.

Here are some of our plans:

1. CFUnited Show Guide - If you've been to CFUnited in the past few years, you'll remember the 350 page show guide that you carried around thought the conference. The show guide included details about the conference, sponsor ads, and most importantly the power point presentation slides of each session at the conference. This year to spare some trees we have decided to skip the show guide and provide the power point presentations on the CFUnited website. We will release the presentations online approximately two weeks prior to the event. This will allow attendees to print their own materials if they choose.

2. Our Printer - "We've always been green. And now we're FSC Certified. Proof that our papers originate from sustainable forests." (ToddAllan Printing)

3. CFUnited back pack - CFUnited is known for providing someone of the coolest backpacks out there. This years back pack will me made of recycled materials, without lacking the coolness.

4. Evening event - Instead of busing our attendees to an evening event we will arrange an event within walking distance from the DC convention center.

5. The Grand Hyatt - CFUniteds main hotel, the Grand Hyatt DC, has an endless list of the ways they contribute to going green. The entire hotel has high efficiency lighting systems and allow control to energy consumption. Light colored roofs and low - emissivity glass that reduces heat gain. Voluntary towel and sheet reuse programs that allow the guest to determine if towels and sheets are to be replaced during their stay. (These are just a few examples from the long list of Hyatts green features)

6. Organic T shirts - It's tradition that each year at CFUnited attendees receive a custom made conference T shirt. Some of the favorites being the Purple & Yellow from CFUN08, Lime green from CFUnited 06 & blue baseball tee from CFUnited 07. This years shirt will be made of 100% organically-grown cotton. What does this mean you ask? Organic agriculture uses crop rotation instead of agrochemicals and artificial fertilizers, and biological pest control (lady bugs) instead of pesticides. Besides being organic, its a really comfortable and lightweight.

More will be added soon. Let us know if you have any other ideas!

New Track Chair for Integrating Technologies Track - Steve Nelson

Our new Track Chair for the Integrating Technology Track is Steve Nelson (Webapper Services, LLC)

Steve Nelson has been developing with ColdFusion for the past decade. Many ColdFusion enthusiasts will recognize him as the creator of Fusebox, a popular application framework utilized by thousands of ColdFusion developers. In addition to serving as a technical editor for numerous ColdFusion and Fusebox publications, Steve has also authored the book "Fusebox: Methodology and Techniques". Steve is no stranger to massive ColdFusion projects, sometimes managing and coordinating over 100 remote contractors simultaneously. Though he made and lost millions in the blink of an eye during the "dotcom era", Steve presently spends his days as a Senior Web Architect for WebApper, developers of the popular ColdFusion server monitoring tool SeeFusion.

The INT Track is made up of the following topics.

Steve Nelson Building Google Maps Applications with ColdFusion

Michael Dinowitz Google webmaster tools step by step

Peter Bell Practical Code Generation

Adam Howitt Build a scalable architecture with Amazon's EC2

Charlie Arehart Interactive Step Debugging with the CF8 Debugger

Mark Drew CFEclipse Reloaded

Steve Nelson Building offline applications with Google Gears

Phill Nacelli Integrated ColdFusion Development Environment