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Round of drinks from Nylon Technology

For those of you who attended CFUnited Euope last month in London, you probably remember during Tuesdays evening event Simon Horwith bought a round of drinks for all the attendees on behalf of his company Nylon Technology. We wanted to thank Simon and Nylon Technology for the generous gesture, you guys really added to the excitement at the evening event!

Nylon Technology is a web development agency based in New York, specializing in web-based software projects including custom website, intranet, extranet, cd-rom, content management and database solutions. They are also looking for developers, so if your interested visit for more information.

Brian Meloche: Promoting ColdFusion Outside the ColdFusion Community

Brian Meloche talks about his CFUnited panel discussion "Promoting ColdFusion Outside the ColdFusion Community".

Q: Is this your first time speaking at CFUnited?

Brian: Yes, this will be my first time speaking at CFUnited. This will also be my first time at CFUnited since the name change. I haven't been able to make it since CFUN-04. I am very much looking forward to it!

Q: So your topic "Promoting ColdFusion Outside the ColdFusion Community" was given at MAX 2007, correct?

Brian: Technically, it was a Birds of a Feather at MAX 2007. It was only an hour, and the BOFs weren't all that well publicized at MAX. We got a decent turnout, despite the BOF being at 10pm, but an hour wasn't long enough to really accomplish what I wanted to do with the BOF. Since MAX, there has been a lot of movement to promote ColdFusion to a wider community. Flex 3 and AIR have been released, demand for CF developers seems to be on the rise, and New Atlanta announced the open sourcing of the J2EE version of BlueDragon, among several other positive things happening within the community. We'll take those things into account in this session.

Q: What do you plan on accomplishing at CFUnited 2008?

Brian: The MAX BOF was formatted as a brainstorming session, and the session at CFUNITED will also be in a similar format. Because we only had an hour at MAX 2007, and we could only scratch the surface. At CFUNITED, the session will be two hours, and it will be the last session of the day, so I expect we'll get a bigger turnout, and get something accomplished out of it. The format will be similar, but we will do it in a more structured session this time around. Everyone in the session will participate. The concept is to break the audience out into groups, where each group will focus on a particular audience to promote ColdFusion to. Each group will come up with ideas, vote on them, and develop marching orders for the community. Unlike at MAX, we'll have white boards and sticky notes like a typical brainstorming session.

Q: Is there anything else attendees can expect when attending this session?

Brian: YES... EVERYONE in the session will be a participant, much like we did at MAX 2007. Plan to discuss and participate!