Annoucing Mike Nimer's new topic added today in the Intergrating Technologies Track. His topic "FMS Server Side Development with ColdFusion" is occuring Thursday at 8:15am

Here what else Nimer has to say about speaking this year.

Question: Is this your first time speaking at CFUnited?

Nimer: No, I've spoken at CFUnited for the last few years.

Question: Why should people attend your session?

Nimer: Video is becoming a large part of the internet experience. And you can no longer do a simple video player, richer websites require more control and logging of the video experience. And ColdFusion 8 is the only server side language that is able to link into FMS and do some of these server side tasks.

Question: Will people see anything new at your session?

Nimer: I am talking about and showing in detail the new Event Gateway in CF8.

Question: What is the highlight of your session?

Nimer: Showing off another technology that only CF can do.