Congrats to the following accepted topics. More topics and speakers will be announced in the next couple months.

Included are some Flex and Air topics that are must sees. A total of 25% out of the whole event will be Flex/Air for 2009.

Centaur and Bolt Topics will be announced later.

"Handling Errors with Error Handling" - Aaron Wolfe & Lance Smith

"Busy Developers Guide to Fusebox" - Adam Haskell

"Dynamic Load Testing with Webserver Stress Tool" - Ajay Sathuluri

"Advanced PDF Workflow with ColdFusion" - Andy Allan

"Advanced Custom Tags" - Ben Nadel

"Subversion for Smarties - Do More With Subversion" - Cameron Childress

"CFMythBusters: Countering Some Conventional Wisdom" - Charlie Arehart

"Building Desktop applications with Coldfusion 8 and AIR" - Chaz Chumley

"Flex development with the Swiz Framework" - Chris Scott

"Design Patterns and ColdFusion: Exploring Object Based Programming" - Dan Blackman

"Exploring Real-time apps with ColdFusion and Blaze DS / Live Cycle Data Services ES" - Dan Blackman "Transfer 101" - Dan Vega

"Building Your First AIR/CF Application" - Dan Wilson

"Practical Refactoring: Making Bad Code Good" - Dan Wilson

"Design for Developers" - Dave Powell

"Hands-on CSS" - Dee Sadler

"Using Ant to Deploy ColdFusion Application" - Doug Hughes

"Connecting Flex to ColdFusion" - Douglas Knudsen

"Railo Open Source" - Gert Franz

"Extending CFCs' Power" - Hal Helms

"Form Validation with CFCs and jQuery" - Hal Helms

"Hacking Your Own Website" - Jake Munson

"PDF Documents and Forms in ColdFusion 8" - Jeff Coughlin

"Groovy for ColdFusion Developers" - Joe Rinehart

"ColdFusion Basics" - John Farrar

"Thinking Outside of the CF Box" - John Paul Ashenfelter

"iPhone Apps + Adobe ColdFusion" - Josh Adams

"Build/Deploy/Upgrade" - Joshua Cyr

"Real World ColdSpring" - Kurt Wiersma

"Real world ecommerce with ColdFusion" - Lawrence Cramer

"ColdBox" - Luis Majano

"Do more work in less time: Become an Automation Rock Star!" - Marc Esher

"Atomic Reactor! Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the ORM" - Mark Drew

"Understanding Application.cfc" - Michael Dinowitz

"ColdFusion and BlazeDS 101" - Mike Nimer

"Building Scalable Web Applications with ColdFusion" - Oguz Demirkapi

"Requirements and Estimating" - Peter Bell

"Leveraging Basic Object Oriented Concepts and Design Patterns in ColdFusion" - Phill Nacelli

"ColdFusion, Model-Glue, HIbernate, Spring, and Groovy" - Raymond Camden

"Introduction to jQuery with ColdFusion" - Raymond Camden

"Ajax/ColdFusion 911" - Raymond Camden

"AIR: Building Desktop Applications with Flex 3" - Rob Rusher

"How To Make Your ColdFusion Applications Hack Resistent " - Scott Stroz

"Advanced SQL for ColdFusion" - Sean Woods

"Hack Proofing Coldfusion" - Shlomy Gantz

"Creating Public Facing API's" - Simon Free

"Skinning Components in Flex 4 (Gumbo)" - Theo Rushin

"Integrating ColdFusion and Adobe Livecycle ES Technologies" - Todd Sanders

"How to Setup a Local Development Environment" - Yancy Wharton