The survey feedback about the CFUnited 2009 event was extremely helpful. We realize that attendees want something reasonably priced and near city atmosphere. Having a venue that is easy to get to and metro accessible was important to travelers. We also saw that at the top of the list were Wireless Internet, Newer sessions, Good food, and Free Stuff.

Some of the great feedback we heard:

"Better learning opportunities. Maybe longer sessions, or more in-depth sessions."

"Content that can not be had anywhere else but CFUnited, but with so many other events, I am not sure that is possible."

"Having it spaced out a little in time from [other events]...I like the idea of going in July or early August"

"Having the convention at the hotel we are staying at"

"I have enjoyed the conferences but maybe a few more hands on sessions would be beneficial."

"Lower overall cost, the hotels in DC were really expensive and were too far away from the conference center itself which made networking hard"

Thanks Everyone! Either way attendees want a newer venue and newer sessions. Everything else is being considered highly. The decision on venue is going to be very rough, and we will cater to everyone's preferences as much as possible. I hope you like our decision, which will be announced in next week's newsletter.

Sean Corfield mentioned on his blog recently "it looks like CFUNITED 2009 will be significantly improved over CFUNITED 2008 and very focused on "the preferences and the needs of the attendees". I shared one of the potential venues with him. It is a possibility that I just can't pass up this deal because of all the free stuff and amenities they are offering and at that price! Even though not all the preferences are being accomplished. I hope everyone feels the same way and likes the new venue!!!