Announcing Stellr

For the past ten years TeraTech has been the official presenter of CFUnited. My team and I have been organizing CFUnited for over 7 years and have been helping others in the community get connected. Now we want to expand with a separate brand to highlight our vision and exciting future for technology events. Michael Smith (CEO of TeraTech) is supporting a new division called Stellr ( that my team and I are starting today. Stellr will run CFUnited, training, and assist with other events all over the world. I am now the COO of Stellr and officially the primary face of CFUnited and I am taking this new role very seriously to improve these events and how the community stays connected.


Q: Does this mean CFUnited is changing?

A: It is changing for the better and the experience will be catered more towards the attendee's needs and how technology is evolving. The first step was the attendee survey we did earlier this month. If you have suggestions for CFUnited let me know, we are listening!

Q: Will Stellr grow?

A: For now we are working with our current staff. As we gain more business, our team may indeed grow.

Q: Who will handle billing?

A: TeraTech will continue to handle billing, however, the execution of how registration and vendors are handled is being improved on by Stellr.

Q: How can I reach you?

A: Our url and contact information will be displayed online soon. You can still reach me at my TeraTech and CFUnited email addresses and my phone numbers remain the same.

Q: How did you come up with the name?

A: Stellr comes from the Italian word Stella which means star in English. We added an "r" instead of "a" because it gives a modern Web 2.0 feel to what we do (like Flickr). Part of our vision is that our events have an elevated experience.

Q: What does Stellr do?

A: We create a clear brand for each event that's easy to understand and we work to unite the community around its purpose. Also, lets say you want to organize a class. The easy part is organizing and what our group can do is marketing the event to follow your brand and create the type of experience you want your students to remember. We have lots of new ideas and fun activities to share. Or, if your company would like to have a customized class with your own needs, we can put together a program that is focused on where your training dollars need to be spent. So please spread the word and tell others what its like to work with my group.

Of course CFUnited is still our top priority and I believe 2009 is going to reflect the preferences and the needs of the attendees like never before.

ps- This was also sent via our conference newsletter list