Wow, MAX in Chicago is sold out! I'm so glad I got my ticket. Looks like there has been a little last minute madness, but that's what makes it all exciting. 4300 people at one event, that's amazing.

Nafisa and I will be there. We will try to use the CFUnited Blog to let everyone know about our experience. Feel free to use this blog to add comments so we can see links to your blog too. I wanna know what I missed while somewhere else because I know I can't be everywhere at the same time. I have my favorite blogs I read a lot like Sean, Ray, Simon, Ben, etc... (heck all my speakers are my favorites, and yes I too should belong to Blog-Readers-Anonymous like the rest of you)

Oh and I have CF tattoos if anyone wants one, its helps when wandering around and people can be like "Hey, you're a CFer too!"