Are you a User Group Manager?

Share ideas, tips and tools with other User Group Managers. CFUnited has a lot in store for you this year at the UGMM (User Group Manager Meeting).

Listen to Amy Brooks talk about Best Practices for Hosting Virtual UG Meetings via Acrobat Connect and Eddie Sullivan will tell stories of some of the best things managers do to make their group high impact.

We also have tips on How to get members involved, Tools to Manage a User Group Efficiently, and Learn about free methods to get your group out there.

Speakers include Adam Bell, Michael Smith, Eddie Sullivan, Amy Brooks, and Oguz Demirkami.

Only $29.95 and that covers lunch and a free drink afterwards in the bar.

User Group Managers are an important part of the user community and we want to make sure you get access to everything offered to UGs everywhere.

Like CFUnited's UG care packages? UGMM attendees will get care packages from CFUnited upto 3 times a year! And they will include items from all our sponsors!

We hope you will join us June 26th, 9am in Forest Glen on the lower level of the Bethesda North Marriott Conference Center.