In this 20-30 minute preview, Rob will give us a taste of his full day hands-on Flex course, which requires no previous Flex experience. The class promises to be fun, energetic, and saturated with information, examples, and code. It will focus not only on Flex architecture, but also teach you to organize your ColdFusion code in such fashion that you can reuse your business layer across any front-end, including Html, Ajax, Flash, or Flex.

About Rob Gonda:

Rob Gonda is the CTO for iChameleon Group and Editor-in-Chief of the AJAX Developer's Journal. He is an Advanced Certified Coldfusion Developer, member of the Adobe Community Experts, frequent contributor to the CFDJ and ADJ, frequent speaker at IT and developer conferences nationwide, co-author of Real-World Ajax, author of ajaxCFC, holds a BS in computer science and engineering, an MBA with a specialization in entrepreneurship, and he specializes in Rich Internet Applications and object-oriented architecture. You can reach him at rob[at]robgonda[dot]com and read his blog is at

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