We have announced pre conference classes on the conference website. Please go to http://cfunited.com/go/classes for more information.

Each class is $449 and you may only register for one each day. Please also note that your CFUnited conference registration does not cover admission to these classes

Monday 6/25

CU221 Rob Gonda Flex Intensive for ColdFusion Developers

CU222 Kurtis D. Leatham Creating Your First Cold Fusion Application

CU223 Oğuz Demirkapı Multi Language Applications in CF in Theory and Practice

CU224 Nate Nelson Advanced Database

Tuesday 6/26

CU225 Peter Bell Practical Code Generation: By Example

CU226 Simon Horwith Coming Soon

CU227 John Paul Ashenfelter Best Practice Bootcamp for Developers

CU228 Charlie Arehart New in CFMX 6&7: What Did You Miss?

Other Pre-conference events will be announced soon. MiniMAX and the User Group conference and information will be announced soon